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***Popular Gist***

Wow!! Is He The Dapperest Fruit Hawker In Ghana? Check Him Out (Photos)

OMG!! Checkout These Incredible Underwater Pictures Taken In Bauchi Yankari Games Reserve

Impressive!! See The World’s First Clock Made Entirely Of Trucks. You Won’t Believe This. (Photos)

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Avoid These Foods if You Want to Lose Weight

The Shocking Moment Corpse Of Child Saint Who Died 300 Years Ago Suddenly “Opens Her Eyes”. (Shocking Photo)

Who knows anything about Paul University, Awka

Dab King, Pogba Scores His First EPL Goal as Man. United Wins Lecister City 4-1 (Photos

I Need Your Opinion On This

Toilet Idea? This Could be the Most Irritating Cake in the World (See Photo

Would You Marry Someone Who Once Had a Blood Covenant with an Ex Lover? – Nollywood Stars Speak Out

Shocking!! See The Moment A Paedophile Who Abused A Little Girl Tries To Stab Prosecutor In Court. (Photos)

Marriage Tips

Lmao!! See What A Man Did On His Wedding Day After Marrying His Crush Of 6 Years. (Photos)

Alcohol, s-x and the bitter truth

Illicit Whatsapp Conversation Between a Nigerian Man and Lady Leaks Online…See Startling Details

If You’re Blood Type O – You Should Know These!

Wow!! Designer Creates World’s Most Expensive Vessel Which Will Cost £500
Million. (Photos)

Wow!! Identical Quadruplets Born In China Beat Odds Of 15 Million To One. (See Amazing Photos)

Unbelievable!! 3-Year-Old Boy Survives For 3.DAYS In A Forest After Wandering Into The.Woods. (Photos)

Unbelievable!! See Shocking Photos Of The Craziest Animal And Human Friendships From Around The Globe.

Is It Okay To Date Or Marry A Man Just Because He’s Wealthy?

He needs your advice

How to prepare Edikang Ikong Soup

What do you call this? *4 (photo)

**how many animals can u see in this picture?

Omg! Female R*pe Victim Shock Many in Court by Saying She Enjoyed the S*x (Photo)

Unbelievable! Teenage Girl Brutally R*ped by a Man After Being Held Down by Two Other Women

HIV Positive Veteran Prostitute Confesses How She Makes Men Fall for Her

Meet the Baby Boy Who was Born with 15 Fingers and 16 Toes as He is Set to Undergo Surgery (Photos)

Must Read: List of Phones That Will Not Support Whatsapp Anymore from 31st Dec 2016

Omg! Terrified Woman Finds Deadly Brown Snake Inside Her Favourite Boots (Photos)

Adorable Aso Ebi Styles For Owambe


A Simple Question For All Coolvallers 32

Coolval Bible Scholars Question~ *11*

LOVE WANTINTIN! Dwarf couple joined in amazing fairy-tale wedding (photos)

Wow!! Checkout Incredible Nighttime Views Of Earth Captured From Space. (Photos)

Get In Here!! Coolvallers Can You Eat This “Heavy Chunks” Of Meat In A Day? (Photo)

Just Wow!! This Lady Has No Hands But Yet She Draws Perfectly Well With Her Toes. (Photos)

Wow!! Gov Okorocha Donates N1 Million And A Car Each To Victorious Paralympic Gold Medalists. (Photos)

Meet Diandra Forrest, the world’s top albino model

Having Trouble Sleeping? Eat This Fruit for Instant Cure

What’s this called in your native language?(photo)

13 Ways To Reduce Hunger and Increased Appetite

Checkout This Hotel Room Which Has No Walls And Roof But Is Expensive. (See Incredible Photos)

Family Caught An Alligator Which Is 3 Times Bigger Than An Average Human Being. (Photos)

Joke of the day


How do you prefer it (photo)

4 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Wow!! Son’s Love For His Old Mother Sparks Online Debate. See What He Did. (Photos)

Shocking!! Man Caught On Camera Drowning
His 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter Bags 100 Years
In Jail. (See Shocking Photos)

Wow!! Nigerian Genius Who Broke A 50-Year Record In Japan Has Done It Again. See Details… (Photos)

OMG!! See The Massive Fish Which Is Being Sold For Over N60 Million (Photos)

Checkout This Simple Morning Stretches to Kick-Start Your Day And Makes You Keep Fit! (Photos)

Drink 1 Tablespoon of This Remedy for Asthma, Bronchitis And Chronic Lung
Diseases Treatment

See the Huge Python Killed in a President’s Farm on the Eve of His Birthday (Photo)

Early Warning Signs of Stroke You Shouldn’t Ignore

8 Powerful Health Benefits of Okra You’re Not Aware of

A Simple Question For All Coolvallers 31

Top 8 Natural Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf You Must Know


7 Tips to Get Rid of Clogged Pores and Enjoy a Smoother Skin

How to Clear Your Stretch Marks and Prevent Them From Appearing Again

~Coolval Bible Scholars Question~ *10*

Economic Recession; Between A Nigerian Woman And Her Baby…. (Checkout The Funny Photo)

So Nice!! Man Forms Drone Squad To.Celebrate His Daughter’s One Month Birthday! (Photos)

Unbelievable!! Italian Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child At The Age Of 61. (Photos)

Wow!! See The “Special” Cake Used By These Hardcore Pro-Biafrans At Their Wedding. (Photos)

Omg! See the Huge Python Killed by Teenagers in Akwa Ibom State (Photos)

“My Wife Is A Lazy And Dirty Woman, Please Dissolve Our Marriage” — Man Tells Court

Question of the day

Will He Ever Stop Growing?; World’s Tallest Teenager Reaches Record-Breaking Height. (Photos)

So Awesome!! See The Incredible Bridge Which Has Been Dubbed The “Sexiest Architecture ”(Photos)

Photo of an Adult Who Enrolled Himself into a Primary School Goes Viral with Mixed Reactions

Popular University ‘Happening Babe’ Allegedly Turns Into Snake After Fun Night With Sugar Daddy

Prostitute dupes man of N2m in Abuja

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