I later drove back to my lodge, chatted with adaora for a while, before lying down to sleep.

I woke up an hour and half later when i heard a knock on my door. I lazily got up from my bed, opened the door and smiled as my eyes fell on Jenny who stood outside, with a tray of rice.

I dutifully stepped aside for her while she calmly walked into my room.

“why is your room so dark? Ain’t you putting on the generator tonight?” she asked,

“sure i will, how do you know that i’m inside the room?” i asked foolishly. She scoffed and sat on the rug,

“i saw you drive in an hour ago, by the way where went you last night?” she asked seriously. I silently smiled, left my room, went outside and switched on my generator.

“you are yet to answer my question” she murmured curiously when i returned.

“i went to stay with a friend, your comments really wounded my pride yesterday and forced me to leave” i replied.

“i still stand by them unless you give me cause not to, i’m sorry” she murmured and apologized.

“so how about your friend where is she?” i asked changing the topic,

“in our room” she answered,

“she dosen’t like me, does she? I noticed she hardly comes to my room” i asked, while she looked away and shook her head,

“must everybody like you?” she answered with a question.
We finally ate the rice silently while i threw occassional glances at her.

“why were you so upset with me yesterday?” i heard myself curiously ask after the meal. She breathed deeply with a calm smile.

“i don’t even know what pushed me back to your room this evening. I promised never to set foot in it” she confessed,

“hmmmm nawaoo?” i exclaimed,

“i really do hate associating myself with crooks” she added coldly.

“i’m no crook my dear, neither am i from a poor home, that’s why i live the way i do. You just misunderstood the whole thing yesterday” i tried to explain.

“how do you explain the conversation i overheard the previous day” she murmured, reached for the t.v remote and changed the channel to orient t.v, as she tried to hide her curiousity.

“I can’t explain everything to you right now, so all i can say is that you listen to your heart and do whatever it wants you to do” i concluded quietly. She instantly turned and stared at me for a while before standing up,

“alright good night i have to go” she muttered coldly while I grabbed her.

I knew she was expecting me to share my secrets with her but was disappointed and sad when i failed to do so.

“i know our friendship is just few weeks old, but trust me on this, i will soon open up to you” i promised and pecked her. Her face instantly coloured.

“it’s a promise dear” i added. She simply rolled her eyes, breathed deeply and stepped away from me as if something touched her heart.

“i really don’t know what you are planning and sometimes i also don’t understand myself, but just don’t breed any feelings for me because i have a boyfriend, please be wise” she poured out and left, totally surprising me with her outburst.

“what’s she thinking?” i wondered and shrugged.

To be continued.

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