I really was pensive and restless as i wondered how Elinor could ruin me.

“what exactly will she do?” i wondered intensely as i relaxed in the guest room. Then it finally came running into my head like lightning. I instantly remembered, “Adaora and i met Elinor for the first time in her aunt’s office, “yes Aunty Martha”. I nodded with a frown wondering why i forgot all about it. “Didn’t Adaora tell me sometime ago that Elinor gave her a lift to the market?” i equally asked myself as i remembered it all, “who knows what they discussed that fateful day” i wondered unhappily, “moreover i equally admitted to her that Adaora was only just a family friend” d--n i cursed.

I knew a lady like Elinor wasn’t the type to make empty threats, i knew her threats were already in progress and i had no doubt that my relationship with Adaora would be an easy target for her.

“silly me” i breathed nervously. But I had no choice than to wait it out with regret.
Junior’s birthday party went as planned. A huge success considering the way it was organised. However It really was a low key celebration because of his age, mostly children from the neighbourhood attended. Elinor truly was a good organiser. She arranged and hosted every thing with impeccable perfetness. Tessy was extremely pleased with her.

I watched it all with a pounding heart, counting my time as if i was on death row.

Elinor soon started taking pictures, a good opportunity for her to capture my image. I quietly excused myself without second thoughts, because i perfectly knew her hidden intention. But Tessy wasn’t happy i avoided taking pictures with them, even though she never openly complained. I equally never told her my reason nor explained myself to her. Thus allowing her to think whatever she wanted. I first have to save myself before anything else, and I really was in no mood to explain my actions to anyone.

So anxiously, i waited for Elinor’s strike like syrian’s waiting for America’s air strike. I had very unpleasant feelings about my future and everything..

How will things turn out???

Few hours later,
Sunday Morning

To be continued tonight.

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