i left my phone to ring for a while before answering it, “hw far” i said to her, with an evil smile which displayed on my face, “you be complete idiot for going to chris house, what do you think you will achieve with it, foo`l, shameless boy, big eyed broke boy like you, just know that everything between us has ended and don’t even try to knock on my door or disturb me, just go your way please, cos i don’t want to have anything to do with you again since you have now learnt how to disgrace me in front of my friends” she poured out to me and i listened quietly and seriously if her words were fire, i would have totally burnt with my phone under few minutes, cos her words that afternoon to me were venomous, and for the first time the consequences of what i had done dawned on me as i realised that christy might even choose chris over me, but then see her lifestyle, instead of her to apologise for her double dealings, she had instead found fault in my action, and i really was confused as i returned to my hostel that afternoon, cos i thought i had done the right thing by confronting chris without knowing that the silly boy would sing like a bird…….

“what do i do now” i asked myself as i tried to plan my next move, but i really had no chance to think properly, for i had barely opened my door to enter my room, when christy emerged from her own room combat ready with a red eye, and truthfully i had never seen her eyes so red before, and i knew that moment that my actions had terribly hurt her,

“i came to collect my clothes, pictures and any of my thing which are in your room” she said angrily to me and before i could even open my mouth to reply her, she had already opened my wardrope and i rushed towards her, “i don’t think it is necessary” i said to her as i held her hand calmly. but she quickly snatched her hand from my grasp and i made to hold her again, but this time in an embrace from behind, but she saw me on time and positioned her elbow which hit me hard on my stomach, and she drew it back and hit me the second time with it, while i immediately held my stomach as i felt the pain, with mouth open in surprise and she pushed me so violently away from her “don’t let me slap you” she equally threatened and i gasped at her in surprise “chineke mu eeh{my God eeh}” escaped my lips as anger burned inside me, which i tried to control cos i really do not want to lose her, and i watched her turn her back on me again as she faced my wardrope in search of her clothes, and i saw it as an opening and advanced towards her, but it was as if she knew that i would come again, and she lashed out her hand which landed like a back-hand slap on my face, and my jaw immediately drew while my teeth clenched and i violently grabbed her by the waist, turned her around to face me and held her throat with my left hand while my right hand clenched for a killer punch……….

To be continued……..

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