“later that morning, when sleep even still dey my eyes, she came close to me and rested her head on my chest, and started to play with my bare chest, ‘chai’ the thing come sweet me brother, cos the girl really is an expert, and after a while she began to play with my n*pples, ‘choi’ the sweetness scattered my head oo, and my s.tick rose up instantly again, and she then slid her hand into my knicker and played with my stick as well” frank narrated to me in his usual manner, with a dry smile on his face and i nodded and urged him on, “please i have a little problem that i wish to share with you” she said to me, with an innocent face and i gave her a reassuring smile, cos i was really enjoying what she was doing to me, “i’m very very broke at the moment, and my parents are saying that i should wait till next week, but i really need to buy my cream which finished yesterday, do my hair and travel home this weekend, cos i don’t want to stay in owerri again since most students have travelled” she said to me and seriously when i heard her mention broke, my mind flew away and my j.oystick went limp, cos i really do not have any other money to spare, “baby you could have told me this on time nah, cos you know that we do not keep money in the hostel” i said to her and she kept quiet, and we looked each other in silence for a while,……

“so that means you don’t have anything to give me?” she asked me and i swallowed hard and said nothing, but just then, my cousin coughed in his sleep, and ‘i come remember the boy, come smile” he stopped for a while and chuckled in his usual manner, while i nodded for him to continue, “i then went to where he lay and searched him, and i saw only #3,500 in his pocket, i then took #2500 and left #1000 for him, before i climbed back to the bed where i gave lizzy #500, ‘she come look me one kind eye’

“what can i be able to buy with five hundred naira kwanu?” She asked me unhappily and i swallowed my anger immediately, cos i even felt like to collect the money back from her, “you just saw me take this money from my cousin, relax na, i go come your hostel this evening to pick you up, and when i come there, i will give you the money that you are requesting for,” i explained to her and she accepted oo my brother,

“baby continue dat thing that you were doing to me earlier nah” i said to her, but she just turned her back on me, “comot there jor” was the only reply she gave me, frank concluded with a chuckle…….

“so are you going to her hostel again this evening?” i asked him in surprise,

“noooo i get another chop wey dey come this evening self” he replied with a smile……

Hmmm, frank frank

To be continued,…….

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