i later dropped off angela that evening, when she became convinced that i planned to spend few days with frank, and i equally returned back to my hostel on time before sussy, who soon arrived with two filled up polythene bags as usual, and seriously i couldn’t help but wonder how many guys she do tax in order to afford such luxury, even though i only knew one of them, {the guy threatening me}, or was he really the only one?? Hmmm i knew not…….

“your boyfriend has been threatening me lately” i told her that same evening, after our dinner and she looked at me in surprise, and in shock as if i knew not what i was saying, and seriously supposing, i didn’t save the ‘threat messages’ that i got from the guy {in my phone}, i would have even doubted myself that moment, for she really looked at me in such manner, that could confuse even a seven man jury……..

“i don’t understand you” she said to me with a gentle tone, and i gave her my phone, “just read his messages and check the phone number” i said to her, with a smile and i equally watched her mood, as she took my phone from me, and her face immediately changed colour when she read the messages, “i think i know the owner of that number, but that dosent mean that he is my boyfriend” she explained innocently to me, in a well composed manner, and i shruggled in resignation, “very well then just talk to him” i said to her and she smiled, “yea thanks alot dear, for not doubting me, i will talk to him when i return to my school on monday” she said to me happily……

But what she really did not know that moment, was that i pretended to believe her, since i was the one gaining, in our little affair, cos she do always visit me every weekend with food-stuffs and many other things which i really appreciated without even minding or caring about where she got the money from, and in her little mind she never did know that i was only using her to bridge the gap between christy and i, for she really was good in doing chores, but then the guy{her boyfriend} still continued with his threats even after she returned to her school, the following week, and i really had no choice but to set him up, which i successfully did{season one}…….

But finally i soon got very tired of sussy and angela, cos they really meant nothing to me, ‘for i was only experimenting with them’ and i soon progressed to the next level without actually breaking up, or ending things officially with them…..

and who really was my next female friend with benefit, before i tried doing the same thing to chinwe who finally got me stuck in my own trap??…..

Hmmmm, i guess it’s the story for another episode……

And how was it that i never really got caught??…..

Hmmm, Did i say so??…..

To be continued….
Pls friends my updates may coming a little bit behind schedule from now on, cos of some new episodes which is currently happening… Pls pls pls… Buh i will always still update daily…

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