sussy’s first visit to my hostel during that period was on a saturday, and i was the person who even drove to her school to “pick her up” that fatefuld day, which really delighted her so much, for i clearly saw the joy in her eyes that very day…….

“i really missed you” i said to her, when we were back in my room, and she smiled at me, and looked down, saying nothing, while i drew her close to myself and made her sit on my laps, “baby see how you are shining, seriously i never knew i could stay this long without seeing your face” i said to her and she blushed, “you just forgot about me nah” she said to me, and i looked up at her face, and held her jaw with my left hand, and slowly turned her face, brought it close to mine, parted my lips and kissed her… She hesitated for a while before responding, and she breathed heavily as we kissed, while her body charged up at the same time, as our kiss got fiercer and stronger…..

“no we shouldn’t be doing this” she said to me as she pulled her lips from mine and i looked at her in surprise, “what is the matter dear?” i asked her, but she said nothing and looked away, “tell me dear, what is it” i asked her again, as i caressed her hair, “i just got here and it is not proper” she said to me and i smiled, “baby does it really matter? We already have known each other for long nah” i said to her, but she just shook her head, “i know but it matters to me” she said before getting up from my body and i smiled within myself as i watched her, “tonight is the night i will make you loose control” i said to her in a very low tone with a smile of satisfaction on my face…..

“where are you nah” i heard a male voice, ask her on phone around 6pm, when we lay down together, as we watched a movie, and due to how close we were and the loud volume of her phone, i was able to her the caller’s voice very well, which she never knew.. “didn’t i tell you that i travelled?”, she asked the male caller, with a harsh voice “this is not fair oo, how can you just travel so suddenly like that, this is very unusual of you bu…” he was saying but she didn’t allow him to finish before cutting him off, “i will call you later bye bye” she said to him, before rudely ending the phone call, and she even switched off her phone, while i smiled to myself, “hope everything is ok?” i asked her, “yes dear, it’s just this school boys that specialize in disturbing my peace” she said to me and i smiled, “please do take it easy ok” i said to her, with a smile and she smiled back at me, as she rested her head on my chest and we held each other……

Do stay tuned…
To be continued..,..

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