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Diary of an imostar deleted scenes monday 17/12/2012


i kept my thoughts to myself as i drove on without replying her, and she looked at me as she waited for a reply from me, but i said nothing to her, which really surprised her, “why are you quiet, won’t you answer me?” she asked me and i shruggled, “what else do you want me to say, when you have already concluded that we are pulling cr.a.p” i said to her and she kept quiet till we reached “st pauls church” in douglas road, where i managed to find a good parking space amidst the heavy traffic, “are you annoyed?” she finally asked me, when i stopped my car and i looked at her with a smile, “i’m not annoyed, it’s just that driving in douglas needs a whole lot of concentration” i explained to her and she smiled, “i will miss you dear” she said to me as she opened the car door, and i stared at her in surprise, “hmmm miss kwa!” i said to myself, before i gave her a thousand naira, “i will call you later in the day just take care of yourself ok” i said to her, and she pecked me in gratitude, “you are a darling” she added happily, before alighting from my car……. And i slowly drove back to my hostel very tired and weak……

“i thought you went to drop off frank and his girl, what took you long nah?” sussy asked me unhappily, when i returned back to my hostel later that afternoon, and i forced a smile, “my dear, frank your cousin held me with his P.S GAME ooo” i answered her, as i dropped heavily on my bed and she stared at me with a sad face, “and so, you left me all alone here, just because of a useless P.S GAME” she said angrily and i smiled at her, “i’m sorry nah, it won’t happen again” i apologised, and she sighed before returning to my balcony, where she was cooking ogbònò soup{a native soup}, and the aroma hit my nostrils, which made me to smile again……

“cos nothing is really sweeter than a well fried or prepared ogbono soup, and the sticky nature, really makes it more appetizing”……

And after eating the sumptous, ogbono soup and garri, later that evening, i got my strength which i had burned with angela back, and i slept like a log of wood through out that night, that i didn’t even kiss nor touch sussy, which really surprised her, and when i woke up, in the morning, i was surprised to see her gazing at me, and i smiled at her, “hey baby wassup” i said to her and she smiled, “i’m fine dear, just that i’m really surprised that you didn’t disturb me last night, is it that you have changed to a good boy or what??” she asked me with a naughty smile, and i smiled back at her, “yea dear, i’m zipping up for real” i joked and she burst into laugher…….

“only if she knew half of what i did this week or even half of the things in my mind, i guess she won’t be laughing as she is right now”……. I said to myself as i watched her laugh…..

To be continued……
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