“let me go and rest in my room” i said to christy as i got up, cos i knew that she had been waiting for me to leave her room, and she smiled to me, “ok dear i will come later” she said to me in gratitude, and i smiled as i strolled back to my room that afternoon with my plans well hidden inside my mind…….

“But then where and how do i confront chris” was another big problem or hinderance, cos i knew i couldn’t confront him in my hostel without christy intervening, and so i was left with no other option than to look for a better place to confront him, however the confrontation i meant wasn’t really to go and fight him, but to talk things over with him, in order to know his stand, but still yet i knew that my plan was a very risky one, which might even make me to lose christy, but then i had already made up my mind about it and so i was really determined to carry it on….

Anytime i do remember this moment, i couldn’t really help but laugh, cos confronting a fellow guy over a woman does not make any sense, cos the woman in question is a matured girl who isn’t my wife, and she is even the one to choose whom she hangs out with no matter who i confront, cos there is no how i would be able to follow her everywhere she goes……..

But then my decision that day was really built by my courage, cos chris is an older guy even though we were of the same height, but then his body really looked stronger than mine due to the age difference between us………

Supposing this had happened a year later, when i later became more popular with followers, i couldn’t have given it a second thought, cos all i needed to do was just to set him up, but then i was still a nobody and as usual i had to fight my battles alone…….

Getting chris number that day wasn’t really a hard thing, cos i simply copied it from christy’s phone that night when we were together, and the following morning, i set off to school, with chris on my mind and i told no one of my plans, not even my friend frank, cos i couldn’t get myself to tell him,

but then, “how could i?” when he had always thought that my relationship with christy was more than perfect, hmmmm, i rather not tell him, i had concluded, just because of my pride which i still cherished………

And so i set off to school that tuesday morning all alone, with a slightly pounding heart and chris on my mind………

To be continued………..

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