but before that november, i had already planned to take christy home after our second semester exams, in order for her to meet my family, and we even fixed the date, to be on the first week of december, but then during the end of our exams that november, her behaviour kind of changed, just because i wasn’t providing everything that she needed, cos i was a bit broke after spending much money for my exams and equally hers, for we really spent alot that particular semester, in doing “term paper, practicals and some courses which i equally sorted for her” and that was when i realised that girls do easily forget things, for she began acting as if i was being stingy, just because she knew that i still had little money left in my account, which i refused to give her to do her hair with, but then i was actually saving the money for when we both will travel home…..

However she really did not complain much, but then, her behaviour kind of changed as she switched to unhappy mood and easily tend to get angry or sad at any given opportunity, but that really wasn’t my problem, for i pretended as if i did not notice, but i only became angry when she started telling me of suitors that ¤were¤ coming for her at home, and seriously , i really knew not her motive of telling me about it that period, but i guess she did it to make me jealous, but i always calmed myself down, and pretended as if the topic ¤dosen’t¤ hurt me, while it killed me inside, until one fateful evening……

When i was kind of depressed without knowing the reason, and i calmly lay on my bed while she watched a movie, and as i was about sleeping off, her phone rang, and she answered her phone call, while the loud voice of the male caller vibrated on her phone, which took sleep away from my eyes, and my anger increased, when they spoke up to five minutes, and yet it was as if they were just starting, and i snapped inside as i waited for her to finish……

“it’s one of my suitors ooo” she said proudly and innocently to me, {after the call} and i grew more angry, while my eyes burned with fury as i watched her, “so it means that this girl still havn’t taken me as anything” i said to myself in anger, but said nothing to her, “he said he will be coming with his people again this december” she said to me happily, and i bit my lips, “it seems like you no get respect for me again” i finally said angrily to her, and she gasped at me in surprise, “heeeaaaaey wetin i do you again?” she asked me, but her question further infuriated me, and i barked at her, “don’t ever recieve that kind of call in my presence again” i shouted, and her face immediately changed colour, “abeg free me jor, you dey always like hold person hand, no be say you dey even fit take care of person” he murmured quietly, but i over heard her, and my anger knew no bounds time around, “what did you just say?” i asked her as i sat up, and she also stood up and faced me, “what did you hear?” she asked me, and sighed before walking out on me, and i went after her in anger………

To be continued…….
Do stay tuned….

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