with the help of sandra, christy was able to get the prescribed pills, required for the termination of her pregnancy the following day, which was tuesday, and that night was also one night which i could never forget in a hurry, for they all slept in my room, while sandra did a perfect work of a nanny to her… Hmmmm, and i witnessed what i will never pray for any youth to encounter, but then lets go back a bit for you all to understand my condition that very day……

Sandra and christy returned to my room around 4pm that tuesday evening very tired, after a long day of searching for the prescribed drugs which christy needed, cos it is not all the drug stores that do sell them, and seriously if it wasn’t for sandra, i really do not know how christy and i could have survived that trauma, for it was sandra who listed out the required drugs for me and equally collected three thousand naira which was the price of them all, before leaving with christy that afternoon in search of them, while i waited in my room, with a pounding heart, for them to return…….

Christy ate no food before taking the drugs in my room later that night, while sandra sat beside her and encouraged her, “don’t worry dear, you are just a few days old with it, nothing will happen to you ok” sandra had said to her as she gave them the drugs “one by one” while i sat at the corner and looked on in silence, as i equally sweated, in deep thought, and what was it that did not cross my mind that night? Hmmmm, there was absolutely nothing, that i did not think, cos everything *thinkable* passed through my young mind……

and even later when everyone had slept, i still lay awake in deep thought, while my heart throbbed violently as i shaked inside,

“was it the fear of uncertainty, or was it the knowledge that i was committing murder, or was it the fear of hell fire or sin, which really blew my mind away, or was it the fear that christy might not survive the night, or was it the fear that the baby might not go away”, what was it that i did not think?

Oh see where a careless act has gotten me, and i knew that moment that i had ¤sinned beyond redemption¤, and i was even too scared to pray, “what really would i tell my creator” i wondered…..

And so i sat in despair and wonder through out that night, as i watched christy and sandra as they slept, and my fear kept me company, while i checked christy’s pulse every other minute, for i was terribly scared…….

And Ohhh^ that night, was really something else…….

To be continued……
Our intimacy series, RIDE WITH ME commences tomorrow in the Vforum {¤deleted scenes¤}

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