however, before the end of the “general strike” which sent most students home, {during my I.T}, i made another special female friend, who really possessed all the qualities that i needed for a female friend with benefit, and seriously the first time that we met each other a spark ignited between us…….

Hmmmm, and she was no other person but judith, a tall pretty slim madonna university student{that period, she is now a graduate} who had come that period, to spend few days with her best friend cyndy, who was equally my neighbour and pal, and ‘jeez’ the damsel was really magnificient and awesome, but then, she was a big time runz girl, who never did hide her love for money and material things and it was really on her hand, that i saw iphone for the first time in my life, hmmmm, who knows where she is at the moment, cos we later lost contact……

And I really do owe “channel E” alot, cos it was the tv station{channel} which drew her to my room, for the first time, and it wasn’t long before “we lit things up like James bond”, and it really was so d--n easy for me, cos i really do have all she needed for a prey, and so our relationship was kind of mutual…….

Oh and i can never forget the first time that i made love to her, i had taken her out for her favourite fried rice and chips, one evening, and when we returned, she told me that “i should prepare myself and wait for her” as she entered her friend’s room, and i immediately entered my own room, had a quick shower and prepared myself for her…..

And she came minutes later, well freshened up, with a nice smell which aroused me, and we said no words to each other, before tearing off our clothes in a haste, and truthfully i have never met a girl so naughty nor outspoken like her, and it also seemed like, she do get extremely high, only by seeing a male organ, and seriously she equally is a master of bedmatics……….

And She worked on me that night like a fitness coach, which made my body grew hot in excitement, and we had a very long session of hot love making, *where* i ended up with a waist pain, oh that night was really memorable…….

Am so sorry for removing the explict details after two days because of our sponsors…..

To be continued…….
And it also Seems like most of our friends have travelled to villa cos here is getting more dry oo

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