but however before i progressed to the next level that period, there really was this hostel girl whom i really liked sincerely, she was still in her early years in the medical college that period, and she wasn’t really that attractive nor tall, but just a simple dark small girl, and i really liked her so much that i knew within me that she could be the only girl who could easily change my behaviour, but then she kind of wasn’t interested in me, or maybe she was too occupied to notice how i do talk and stare at her, and seriously she seemed to be the only girl who pretended not to recognise my status that period, cos even though we were friends, she always polietly do turn down my invitations, especially each time i do invite her to come over to my room, and i really knew not why she behaved thus, cos we were really hostel friends, but however i never did tell her my feelings nor disturb her that much, cos i do hate to be rejected by a female, and so i decided to leave everything as it used to be, cos i couldn’t bear to get a no as an answer, and so since i never did approach her, she never did reject me, and so i still had my ego without hurting it…….

But truthfully, the search for another female friend with benefit wasn’t really that easy, cos even though most girls are cheap, they don’t easily give their body freely without getting anything in return, and if it isn’t your money that they are after, that means they are after your love and dedication, which any guy seeking for fun dosen’t really have time for{some girls may differ}…….

And another thing about female friends with benefit, is that it isn’t good for emotional guys, or guys who easily get jealous, cos even though i have only been saying about its advantages, it really has a whole lot of disadvantages, cos most times, the girls {doing it} do have a working relationship which they still keep, and sometimes will even be answering numerous phone or love calls, in your presence, or when you both are having a good time, and another thing in this kind of game, is that you really will have no control over her, unless she purposely allows you to do so and seriously there will also be a reason for that…….

However as days went by, i learnt very fast, but still yet i loved to choose my girls, unlike frank and that really was one of the reasons why he had more girls than i ever dreamt of…….

But finally i got my next female friend with benefit before chinwe…….

And who really was the girl who made way for chinwe, agatha and adaora?? The three major characters of my season 1 and 2, that later transformed me into a great liar, as i equally learnt that, even though some girls may not have the ability to fight, they can still win their fights without physically fighting…..

And their entry into my life, really cost me my old female friends with benefits, even though i never did break up with them, and so the arrival of chinwe, adaora and agatha into my life really changed everything for me…..

But then lets all go back to the girl before chinwe…..

To be continued……
Do stay tuned for more

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