the bandits still dominated the night as they shot sporadically into the air, and students kept still in fear in their respective rooms, and even giant hostel rats which normally disturb at night took cover in fear, and seriously the sound of a robbers gun at night is more deadlier than a killer disease and only the deafening sound of their gun is strong enough to cause panick even to a warrior, and one other thing about it, is that you can never tell the direction they are shooting at, and besides many students have already lost their lives the previous year in such incident, however the people with the highest casualty rate is often the hostel gate men, cos most times they are not spared,

hmmmm, i shivered in fear, but then i controlled myself because of christy, and truthfully supposing she wasn’t with me that night, i could have seeked for a safer place to hide, but then since she was with me, i really had no choice but to wait calmly inside my room with her, besides the bandits are not yet in our hostel…..

Gbim! gbim! gbim! Was soon heard on the doors of the hostel opposite us as they broke into their rooms in a commando fashion, and truthfully i don’t really know how these guys train themselves to do such things with speed, cos they always appear organised with a commander and field units each playing their own role, and the way they do break doors, hmmm, will even make “big show or mark henry” gasp in surprise, but then the only hinderance or set back they do have then, was the issue of guns and ammunition, cos they always do make use of locally made guns with one or two double barrell at times, and so they were no match for our nigerian police… Please don’t ask me how i got to know all these, but then if you have ever lived in a jungle or such kind of place before, then you will know that there are certain things which your environment would teach you and you will really get to know things which are out of the ordinary…..

A sharp single noise from a whistle was soon heard, 15mins after they broke into the hostel opposite ours, and the sound of that whistle really told me that it wasn’t a student security or alarm whistle, cos students do blow their own whistle twice or even thrice when seeking for help{every student do have a whistle incase of robbery incident, but no one do have the mind to blow it when robbery is in progress} and so we still kept calm in fear…..

A minute later the noise from a police siren was heard {after that first whistle}, and within seconds two police vans screeched to a stop as officers jumped out combat ready, but then where are the robbers?,

hmmmm, lo and behold they had all disappeared into thin air……..

To be continued…….
Do stay tuned for more…..

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