“thank gawd sey you show my guy, cos i just get you for my mind dis morning” he said happily to me, and i looked at him in surprise, cos he really appeared very happy to see me…..

“E get one gal wey i dey disturb since last year, and she just dey do shakara, buh i just surprise to see her missed call on my phone dis morning, so i come call her back, and she come dey talk sey she dey lonely, make i come take her out, so i come tell her sey i dey come” he said happily to me, while i watched him in surprise “guy you need to see dis girl behind and step, she just dey waka like reverend father turkey” he added further, as he licked his lips, and i smiled, “so you wan take her out nah?” i asked him, in order to be sure of what i was hearing, “take her out kwa! Nawa for you oo, you suppose know sey de gal wan eat me nah, buh she dosent knw sey i be master planner for the game” he said to me and i smiled, “so wetin you wan do nah?” i asked him, “we will go to her hostel, and pick her up, then we go divert back here” he said with a smile, but then i really wasn’t convinced on how his plan will work out, but i just kept my thoughts to myself, “don’t worry i go buy you fuel and drink and if you want, i go still allow you to peep when i dey knack her” he said with laughter to me, and i smiled, “comot there jor, you no even fit tell your bro, sey im go chop after you don chop your own” i fired back at him, but before he could reply me, his phone rang again and he immediately answered it, “baby i’m already on my way” he said to the caller, before ending the call, “imsu babes nawao, she don finally get credit to use call me just because, i tell her sey i dey come take her out” he said to me, and i laughed out loud, “this kind girl we dey go see, fit wear iron pant ooo” i joked, “come make we dey go jor” he said with laughter……

We finally got to the girl’s hostel at works layout, and she invited us into her room, for she was yet to finish dressing up, and frank’s jaw drew, when he saw that her roomate was equally dressing up as well, which made me to smile and pinch him, “nah you go pay for the other girl, for it is your opportunity to knack your own oo, and she even make more sense pass my own” he whispered to me, which made me to smile, “no thank sir, i no want” i also gently replied him, and the girls looked at us in surprise, “is anything the matter?” the girl we came for, asked frank, but before he could reply, we heard a persistent knock on their door, which her roomate immediately opened, and two guys entered the room with a grim face, while the face of the girl we came to pick up immediately changed colour……..

To be continued…

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