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Diary of an imostar deleted scenes sunday 16/12/2012


i swallowed hard as i went into deep thought, for truthfully i knew not what to tell her, for i have never encountered such problem before, and i equally knew “that the guy in question, must have been terribly pushed to the wall or duped so much, that he willingly threw away his dignity and forgot all about his pride in going after her, probably for revenge, if really she is telling me the truth”, i reasoned……

“why are you quiet nah, won’t you say something” she asked me, and i bit my lips, as i tried to force out words from my mouth, “seriously dear, you really did a very bad thing, and running away won’t solve it, i think the best thing to do is for you to meet him and settle the issue like adults” i said to her, and she kept quiet for a while, “i couldn’t have done what i did, supposing i wasn’t in need, and without his help i wouldn’t have been able to pay for my accomodation, when it expired last december” she explained to me, and i keep quiet, for my thoughts had already wandered off again….

seriously, if i really was to be honest with her that moment, my advice really could have been for her to spare some few rounds for the guy, after which she would break up with him, but then i couldn’t say such words to her, cos it really would sound, very indecent, and immoral, which a guy with good breeding and background like myself, isn’t supposed to tell a lady{lol}, but then i really knew not the reason, a girl like her, could find a guy in his early thirties irritating, unless there are some flaws, or is the guy incomplete??… Hmmmm i really don’t know ooo…

“seriously i thought that he is a nice guy, and i never really knew that he could behave in this way, and i don’t think i can be able to meet him alone” she equally added, and i breathed deeply, “well i think the best thing is for you to go home this weekend, then maybe by monday, i would have gotten a nice solution” i said to her, cos i couldn’t really allow her to stay with me, for the weekend, since sussy was already on her way to my hostel….

But then she broke free from me, after my last comment and looked intently at me with tears in her eyes, “i really do not know that there as still nice imsu boys alive” she happily said to me, before throwing herself on me, and our lips locked together, as she kissed me fiercely as if our kiss will take away her problem……

“kpom kpom kpom” someone knocked on my door……

To be continued….

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