“there is a guy from my home town, who really wants to marry me, but i don’t have the slightest feeling of attraction for him, but he is in his early thirties and very comfortable{slightly rich} and in my family, my parents are very poor and they do reside in the village, and it was my mum’s sister, who took care of me, from when i got admitted into this school till last year, when things became very difficult for her, and that was when the guy in question came along, and i accepted him without minding, and he began to foot some of my bills, even though i refused to sleep with him, and i haven’t even spent a night in his place before, cos i can’t stand him, besides his presence irritates me, but since this january, he kind of changed and tried to force me to have s-x with him, but when i refused we fought and i ran away and since then he has been threatening and tracing my hostel, cos he only knew the vicinity, but havn’t been to my hostel before, but just last week he found out where i do stay, and since then it has been hell, and i really do not know what to do, and so i am running home, cos it will be better to get embarrassed at home, than in school, if not for that i could have still stayed back in owerri, even though school is on strike, cos i really don’t like to stay at home” she poured out to me while i sat motionless and speechless, as i watched her, and when she finished her story, we stared at each other saying no words, and the expression on her face clearly showed that she was in pain, and confused that moment, but then i still knew not, whether she was lying or telling the truth, cos you know that some girls could be quite deceptive, and yet i still couldn’t help but to feel for her, and i found myself holding her in an embrace……

“dear the money is much ooo” she cried out, “what should i do?” she asked me and i swallowed hard…..

To be continued……
HAPPY SUNDAY FRIENDS! Sorry for the errors….

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