luckily for me christy survived the night, and even saw her mensural period later that wednesday afternoon, and i was really glad and happy that the worst was finally over……

Sandra later left for her school around 4pm that same wednesday evening, after lecturing her on ‘how to take the remaining drugs and the food to avoid during the duration of the drugs’, and truthfully she was just like an angel in disguise that very period……

And with sandra gone, i took over her role as a nanny, cos christy was still very weak and fragile due to the effects of the drug, and her mensural period even lasted for a week and few days, and those moments wasn’t easy for both of us, for she constantly complained of pains and a biting stomach, which disturbed me very much, to the extent that i skipped my lectures in order to be with her, for i couldn’t afford to leave her alone for a single moment and she too never allowed me to leave her sight, but then she equally gave me all her love and attention, and she never disobeyed for once, for she really did everything that i wanted her to do without ‘questions nor hesitations’, and out of joy because of the change in her, my love for her rekindled and increased so much that i even bought an expensive phone for her, when she finally got better, in appreciation for what she went through and also as a birthday gift, cos that period was equally her birthday week, even though we didn’t really celebrate it…..

And in my mind, i finally thought that i had conquered her whole body and soul, for i believed that after all she had passed through, that her love for me will grow and never fade, and so i increased my effort in making her happy, which she really appreciated that moment and reciprocated very very well and what more should i ask for? If not her love, and devotion, and so as days went by, without any problem, i finally believed that our ‘quarrel’ and ‘fights’ had finally gone for good…….

I too, equally grew more older, wiser and more matured, from that period onwards, and i really do not know how it happened, but then i also started noticing some slight changes in me, and that was equally when i started to correct some of my mistakes, and my character slowly changed, as i began to behave more like a man, and for two weeks after the abortion, christy respected me, and we had no problem and even chris did not show up for once…..

But after she had gotten very strong and healthy, she travelled home for a week, and when she returned everything changed again, as her behaviour took a whole new pattern……..

To be continued……..

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