judith was really the kind of girl that i had always dreamt about, and seriously she wasn’t really stingy in sharing her treasures, with me, and i equally treated her well, cos i really love her shape, hmmmm, cos i do like “sharp looking slim, tall girls alot”, while frank do like them with big as.s, “guy you don’t know what you are missing” he always do tell me…..

However another special thing about judith, was that she did not attach any emotions to our affair, unlike most girls, or like angela who derailed by trying to fall in love, even though i really knew not whether it was all pretence, and thats another good thing about Judith, she dosen’t pretend for anyone…..

However she always do not stay more than two weeks, before travelling either back to her school or back home, but then i blamed her not for her wild nature, for the strict measures and laws in her school, always do prevent their freedom and also hindered her from having a working relationship, cos she once told me that all the *guys* she once gave chance for a relationship, had all cheated on her when she returned to school, and so she decided from that moment to play it safe….

But however, her school which is a private university, always do leave her terribly h---y, with an unquenchable hunger for s-x at the end of a semester or during a short break{vacation}……..

And seriously she wasn’t the only student in that school with such behaviour, cos with the few ones i knew then, 8/10 of them were like that… Hmmmm, mission school, indeed….

And so our affair was kind of “periodic” and so i really had the chance to play other games, especially in going girl hunting, with frank whom i end of escorting, for he always succeeds more than i do, cos he really is the master of the game…….

But however judith was only good in bed and very terrible in doing chores, cos the last thing that she will ever do, is to cook, but then how can she cook when she never stays in a place for long, but then it really didn’t bother me cos we were just in a mutual relationship with no strings attached…….

Hmmm, and finally the strike was over, and school reopened once again…. And you all know the rest…… Our 300level result was released and mine was among the worst result….. I had failed woefully…….

To be continued……
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