the two policemen kicked and flogged the boy who screamed and begged as he struggled to get up from the floor where he lay, cos the first kick from one of the armed policemen had sent him to the ground, while students folded their hands as they watched in silence and awe, as the two corporals continued with their “kick boxing”, “its enough” the inspector finally ordered his men, who immediately stopped, when he saw that things were getting out of hand, “handcuff him lets get out of here” he ordered them, and the two corporals jerked the bleeding boy up while a third officer {a constable/recruit} came forward and handcuffed the boy, and we watched as they dragged him to the van before the student president in charge of Aladinma intercepted them with his group as they were about to enter their van and stopped the inspector, who looked at him in surprise “yes is anything the matter?” he asked the student president who just smiled and introduced himself to the officer, and within that same moment, the student president in charge of okwu uratta also arrived with his group and joined them, cos it seemed like the policemen had pursued the two suspects all the way from okwu uratta…. and so with the turn out of events, the inspector had no choice but to explain everything to them while the other policemen stood and watched in silence…..

But then what is the reason for this brutalitly, hmmmm, it was really no other thing but “weed”, that brought calamity upon those boys… WEED the only substance that most youths do respect alot, for if you don’t respect it, then it won’t respect you…… But then was it really what our parents sent us to school to smoke?? Hmmm, i really doubt that…..

Due to the robbery incident earlier that morning, policemen had been moving around the vicinity searching and questioning suspicious students, and so they had stopped the two guys who were on their way to okwu uratta, carrying a small hand bag, but then to the surprise of the policemen, the two boys had taken to their heels when an attempt was made to search their bag, and so they had given the officers tough time as they chased them with foot all the way from okwu uratta to aladinma, before they were able to catch the first boy, and so the officers were really not in a happy mood that morning…….

And after the explanation from the inspector, the two student leaders saw that their really was nothing they could do, and so they left the two boys to their fate, as the policemen finally drove off with them, and so that was how a few wraps of weed brought brutality to those boys, but yet do we still learn and change from it, “hmmmm, for where”, instead it only made the smoking of weed more popular and enjoying to the bad ones in our midst………

To be continued…….
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