the girls finally finished dressing up, and we all trooped outside to where i parked my new car, “hmmm una be big boys oo” lizzy’s roomate said to us, as i opened the door for them, and she also smiled and winked at me, and i smiled back at her, “dis one think sey she don jam new atm machine” i said to myself as i smiled at her, cos that period, my mistake with christy was still very fresh in my mind, and i tend to suspect any girl who kind of showed a special likeness to me, except for those that i go after on my own, but still yet, i do go with my head very much intact…….

“which fastfood are we heading to?” lizzy asked us, when we passed a fastfood joint before imsu junction, and frank looked at the back seat and smiled at her, “the one in Aladinma” he said to her, “is there any correct fastfood in aladinma, cos i have not heard of that one oo” she said to frank, which made me to hold myself from bursting into laughter, “jeez imsu girls too much” i said to myself, cos most of them do know very much about fastfoods and hotels, even more than estate agents, “relax nah, are you scared?” he asked her, “why should i be scared of you, i’m only just asking to know where we are going” she said to him……

“where are we going nah?” she asked him again in a louder voice, when i slowed down at okwu uratta junction and diverted left, towards our hostel area, “i want to show you my hostel first before we go and eat out, after all we have the whole day for ourselves” he looked back and explained to her, with a cunning smile on his face, but then lizzy wasn’t convinced, “abeg abeg this is not our agreement abeg stop me here jor” she said again and again, which made me to stop, “nawa for you oo why are you acting like this, are we not four in number, am i going to eat you?” frank asked her, and she kept quiet and murmured something inaudible, before she and her roomate whispered among themselves,

“abi you planned this all along, no wahala buh we go only stay 30minutes for your hostel oo” she said to frank, who nodded in agreement, “no wahala baby thanks” he said to her, and i drove off again, and headed to frank’s hostel…..

And when we got there, my friend, frank bought two bottles of yoghurt ice cream, with two wraps of meat pie {gala} for them, “guy i no try?” he had asked me that afternoon, after buying them in a small shop in front of his hostel, cos i went with him while the girls waited for us in his room as they watched a movie……

“You try bro” i said and smiled, as i equally wondered how lizzy will react, when she discovers that frank won’t be “taking her out again”, moreover he also planned on sleeping with her………

To be continued….
Pls i’m sorry for my wrong spellings & english

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