“nna eeh that girl strong no be small oo, assuming you are the one with her, i no even think, that you go fit do anything with her” he seriously said to me, and i held my hand on my jaw and watched him as i listened, “immediately we entered my room, Emma dived on the floor and slept off to my surprise, and he didn’t vomit, which really was cool with me, while lizzy undressed and entered the bathroom, and i joined her there minutes later, ‘come see scream my brother when she saw me enter the bathroom” he said as he made a funny gesture, which made me to laugh, “seriously she just screamed as if i was the devil himself, just because i saw her unclad body, and she immediately turned her back on me and faced the wall, ”abeg comot nah wetin dey do you self” she said to me, while i stood and admired her a-s, which was really bigger than i had thought, ‘nna eeh that girl gather something oo’ he added in a funny manner and i burst into laughter……

“mehn dat girl na bad girl, do you know that she even came with her shower cap and other feminine stuffs” he said to me, and i shruggled, “thats what most of them do nah” i said to him and he continued, “i went and grabbed her behind and smooched her, ‘o boy the thing sweet me ooo’ before she come scream again, ”frank abeg allow me to clean up nah haba” she begged, and i smiled to myself and left her to clean up, which she did very fast, and when she came out, i carried her like john cena straight to my bed where i dumped her, ‘cos no time for dulling or rapping english for her because i don already pay her in advance’ he said to me with a smile, and i smiled back at him, “bad boy” i equally hailed him, and he scratched him head, “choi i then carried my five fingers, and manipulated her k---y-cat like piano as i equally dug inside with them, before stroking her cl*t like a guitar, ‘o boy come see screaming’, she screamed so much, that i feared my drunk cousin will wake up, and when i started s*cking one of her n*pples, she began to beg me to enter her, ‘chai my brother the girl a-s sweet like water melon, my jo.ystick come dey swim as if i am in the swimming pool’, he chuckled and i shook my head “tufia you don spoil finish” i said to him, and he laughed, “but bro, i f--k up oo, na only three rounds i do, come tire, i don’t even know wetin happen to me oo” he said to me and i laughed, “you don carry be dat oo” i said to him with laughter……

“so how did it go when she demanded money after the s-x” i asked him, for i seriously needed to know what transpired between them, cos i knew that frank do behave in an unpredictable manner, and he smiled, “it’s a long story bro” he said to me and i nodded impatiently, “i have all day brother” i replied him…..

To be continued……
Do stay tuned…..
I have also continued with our fiction story in the story zone…..

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