by 6am that morning, Angela had already taken a quick shower and ready to go, and she waited for me to tidy up, which i quickily did before i sat down by her side, “when next are we going to see again?” i asked her, and she smiled to me, “i don’t really know, cos i will be travelling home this weekend” she replied, “i’m really going to miss you” i said to her as i kissed her lips passionately, and she responded and held me tight, which made my j.oystick to heat up again, “just take care of yourself ok” she finally said to me with a smile, when she later broke our kiss, and just that moment my phone rang, and it was frank calling, “guy una never finish? Come drop them off nah” he said to me, “bro we are already on our way” i said to him before he ended the call…….

I picked up lizzy in front of frank’s hostel, minutes later, “guy drop them fast and come, i’m waiting abeg” he said to me, and i smiled to him, before driving off to the girls hostel……

Finally around 7:30am that same morning, i was in frank’s hostel again, with my ears wide open as i waited for him to begin his story, and his cousin was even still sleeping by that time, and i made a mocking gesture at him, which made frank to smile, “don’t mind the small pikin wey want eat elder’s food, can you imagine when he got himself around midnight, he began to ask of angela, and i told him that she left because of his f--k up, and he just kept quiet and went back to sleep” frank said to me and i burst out in laughter, cos indeed the boy really bleeped up…….

“did you give angela any money?” he also asked me later, as we strolled to his hostel backyard, to gist so that his cousin won’t listen to our talks, especially on what transpired between him and lizzy, and i shook my head, “no i did not and she never demanded for any” i said to him, and he shruggled…,.

“can you believe that lizzy demanded for money when she was ready to go” he said to me and i smiled, “what reason did she give you for that?” i asked him and he shruggled again, “she said that she needs it for her cream which finished yesterday” frank replied me and i smiled, as i opened my ears ‘very wide’ in order to listen to his story, which he soon began to tell me in his usual narrative manner……

To be continued……..
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