“it seems like you are avoiding me lately” angela asked me, a week after our little brawl with Jude, and i forced a smile, “baby you know that i am doing my I.T and it’s really taking much of my time” i explained to her, but she held my face with her palms and looked intently at me while i moved my eyes to another direction…. Its really true that i had gotten tired of her, including her constant visits, but then she wasn’t really my problem that moment, cos my mind was really occupied on how to deal with sussy’s boyfriend who was still threatening me with his constant text messages…..

“baby tell me the truth are you tired of me?” she asked as she looked intently at me and i swallowed hard, “why are you asking me this kind of question nah?” i asked her back, and she smiled, “i’m just curious” she replied, as she ‘took out’ a pimple she saw on my face, “ok” i simply said to her and kept quiet again, which made her to stare at me in surprise, but luckily my phone rang that moment, which gave me the needed opportunity to free myself from her, and it was frank who ‘flashed’ me……..

And seriously the way things were going between angela and i that period, was really annoying to me, cos it was gradually transforming to exactly what happened between frank and sandra in our early years in the university, and i also was a witness on how hard frank struggled and fought, before he was finally able to free himself from sandra’s grasp, but seriously, my own case was kind of different cos i really do not possess frank’s kind of heart, and i equally didn’t have the mind to tell angela the truth in order not to hurt her feelings cos i already knew and had witnessed how the feeling of rejection do look like, but however our first “near-quarrel” soon came that same week, on a friday to be precise and it was all because of sussy, who was scheduled to visit me that day as usual………

And for the first time i saw the other side of angela who just grew emotional when i tried to tell her the truth, for i had earlier tried to make her go away, by lying to her that i was travelling, but then she wasn’t a baby nor a mere girl who could easily be dribbed, cos she has experience and a whole lot with her, and she demanded for me to tell her the truth…….

“there is no need lying to me dear, i already know your behaviour and i can swear that you are not travelling, so tell me the truth about what you are up to sweet heart, besides you know that i’m a big girl and i can handle herself, so tell me is it because of another girl?” she seriously asked me and for the first time i equally saw the opportunity to end things with her, which i bravely took, “yea dear i’m expecting another girl” i simply said to her as if it was nothing, and there was silence between us, as my words registered into her head, before she gasped and breathed heavily…….

“oh my God” she exclaimed…..

To be continued……
Hey friends, i promise to serve you guys better this festive period….

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