“dear i’m so sorry for dragging you into this mess” angela apologised to me as we lay down together that night, and i smiled to her even though i was really not comfortable with her presence any longer, besides i was begining to have double mind about my involvement in what i knew nothing about, and i equally began to regret everything that i had done, cos it really meant that i was no longer safe and free as usual, and that anything may happen to me at any time……

“why are you quiet?” she asked me as she caressed my chest, “i know that you are regretting to have followed me today, but just know that i do owe you alot for that, and i will never forget it in my life” she said as she tried to appease me, “don’t worry dear the deed has already been done” i said to her quietly, and she kissed my lips, “how about a quickie?” she asked me seductively, as she grabbed my j.o.ystic.k which rose instantly and she smiled as she felt the weight……..

After 30 minutes of quick s-x that night, which really relaxed my nerves, we lay together totally spent, and tired, “i don’t know why i’m falling more for you with each passing day” she whispered to me as she held my neck, and i smiled to her, “but then the unspoken truth about the whole thing, was that angela was carefully buying her time and equally trying to burrow her way into my heart, in order for her to start living with me in my hostel, for even though she do play runz, she has not been lucky enough to make a high profile catch, and so it seemed like all she was trying to do then, was to avoid her roomate and start a new life with me, where all she may lose is her body which she will be offering only me, while getting a guaranteed steady meal, shelter and little change{money} from me in the process, instead of hustling and trying to scam guys which really wasn’t paying anymore, and seriously before i knew what was happening she had already begun to spend most part of her time in my hostel, which really wasn’t in my game plan, besides i equally soon got tired of having s-x with her, cos i really felt nothing but lust for her, but then she refused to leave me alone, and i also ran out of options on how to discharge her, without hurting her spirit, and that period was equally when i started getting some nasty text messages, from a boy who claimed to be sussy’s boyfriend, and as for jude{the guy angela duped} i never really heard of him again, but then i never did let my guard down, for i knew that he really must have a plan, for a guy like him dosen’t look like someone who will leave his score unsettled, and so i soon found myself in a tangled web of lust, deception and fights……..

Hmmm, but one surprising thing about me that particular period, was that i didn’t tell my best friend frank about my problems……

To be continued….
Pls friends are you still seeing the error messages in my recent post??

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