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Diary of an imostar deleted scenes tuesday 18/12/2012


“seriously dear, isn’t it risky on my own part? Besides i may end up spoiling the whole thing with my presence, for the guy may think that i’m your boyfriend and that could annoy him” i explained to her, in a bid to back out, but she held my hand strongly and begged, “just come with me first and leave the rest for me to handle” she pleaded, and i swallowed hard as i looked into her eyes and my heart melted, which made me to shruggle in resignation, “ok no problem, i will go with you” i said to her with a forced smile, cos i really knew not, how to turn my back on her, cos i havn’t yet learnt how to say no to a woman, that period, and that was really how i accepted to undertake a very huge risk for a girl i just recently met……..

And she smiled happily at me as she hugged me, while i cleverly hid my thoughts and fear, cos i really do not want to appear weak in her eyes…. But then, i equally knew that i couldn’t undertake on that kind of journey alone or without backup, and i also knew that i couldn’t tell frank about it, for he will definetly shout at me or deem me insane, which i really wasn’t ready to hear, since i had already given angela my word, and so frank was really out of mind as a back up, but then i remembered Daniel, who is also popularly known as Dan, a hostel mate, and a very huge guy, who is well known for his brutality and i heaved a sigh of relief, for we ‘were kind of’ casual friends that period, even though he began to respect me more, when i returned that january with my new ride,{read season1} “who else if not him, will make a nice back up”, i said to myself with a smile, and i soon was brought back to reality, when angela locked her lips on mine as she kissed me passionately, “baby thanks alot for everything, we will be going to see him by 4pm at his place” she said to me, when she finally broke the kiss……

However, Getting Dan to follow me that evening, wasn’t a big deal, cos he really is very adventurous, and that was how he also became my first deputy, for we became very tight friends after that day…….

And so by 4:15pm, that monday evening, angela, Dan and i were already on our way to ikenegbu, where the guy in question lived, and my heart couldn’t help, but pound very hard, for i really knew not what to expect, besides i equally knew not, the gravity of what angela did to him……

However the truth of the whole thing, was that i embarked on a stupid journey, that monday evening, to meet a guy that i knew nothing about, or have even seen, just because of a mere girl who really meant nothing to me, forgetting that we only have one life to live on earth……..

“Kpoom kpoom kpoom kpoom!” my heart pounded as i drove to ikenegbu that fateful evening…..

Hmmm, and how really did that journey end…..

To be continued……

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39 thoughts on “Diary of an imostar deleted scenes tuesday 18/12/2012

  • Brightstar22

    Lol @ kpom kpom kpom.. No be small thing… Hope u ll update another episode 2day!

  • ephramed

    Well am happy u followed her,cos that really showed u still have some feelings left in u.and seriously wish there will be another update soon.*PLS LET EVERYBODY DEMAND FOR IT,MAYBE VAL CAN UPDATE ANOTHER.IF U AGREE WITH me.U CAN support by asking val to update more b4 midnite.

  • mattz

    a vry hard way indeed.i no go try am oo.val u b d actor

  • mattz

    val val val hw many tymz i cal u.giv me username and password


      Buh bro, i hv sent it many times to your email… Username= mattz password= mattz … you can change it when you log in…

  • menipo

    val You have to update another this night o.

  • Uwankasef

    Those who want val to update one more before midnight say aiyy those against say nay, the aiyys have it. So, mr val, give us update sharp sharp. You did the right thing by accompaning angela with a back-up. The guy in qstn do not expect angela to visit him alone though.

  • Kaxmytex

    Val,u are on ur own o…..nxt update,pls

  • kaxmytex


  • SailorXY

    na this kind waka make someone in the “Aluu 4” die na. me no dey lick oil if i no dey when others don chop yam finish already oooooo

    • tutusaint

      i beg tel val ooooo, Make them no Aluu u ooooooo.
      Why have u chosen to be a bad student, Frank will not be proud of u

  • Dabrake

    caught up with the gist again. @coolval, been a long time. Damned to busy.

  • Damex333

    Val,which 1 be ds words am seeing everywhere on ds blog sometin’missing word’

  • tutusaint

    Val, before embarking on this mission, please write your will and keep.

  • Damex333

    D words are lyk.”Warning: Missing arguement 2 for wpdp::prepare(), called in /home/content/70/9958070/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ajax-edits-comments/lib/class.core.php on line 470 and defined in /home/content/70/9958070/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ajax-edits-comments/lib/class.core.php on line 990

  • Blachberrydude

    val fix this stuff now

  • Blachberrydude

    am seeing something like warning arguement

  • Blachberrydude


  • Blachberrydude

    val am seeing something like this

  • Blachberrydude

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for
    wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/
    class.core.php on line 470 and defined in
    includes/wp-db.php on line 990

  • Blachberrydude

    pls fix it, it is annoying

  • Ijebaby

    As long as Dan is there I’m not too worried. Whatever happens I’m sure they can handle it.

    Val, when is the next update?

  • fitzfrankses7

    Val i tink the mobile version has what BBdude is complainin abt

  • tochi

    When trouble sleep iyanga go wake am wetin him D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ find ooo..palaver e D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ find #singing#

  • tochi

    When trouble sleep iyanga go wake am wetin him D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ find ooo..palaver e D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ find #singing#.

  • tochi

    This shows u are growing into a man knowing when to stand up for ur woman

  • Damex333

    Val,its on every post, its written twice b4 d name and twice in between d name and d comment.

  • Fabuloz

    Am also seeing the warning o. It’s on the mobile version

  • Fabuloz

    Dan is a comforter to Val while Val is should I say a comforter to Angela


      Hehehehe sis fabuloz i like your definition oo.. Kind of funny…..

      Is the error message still showing??

  • Ijebaby

    The problem should be fixed by tomorrow please have some patience till then

  • Damex333

    Its showing but it has reduced and it didnt show on ur last post on ds topic,only ur own o.

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