and true to my word, i didn’t disturb sussy nor ask her for s-x that weekend, but then it really wasn’t because i had zipped up, but it was just because i wanted to give myself a little break, for my last s-x with angela really drained me, and so monday morning sussy returned back to her school with a promise of visiting, by weekend as usual and i wished her well, cos she really was seeing to my welfare without demanding for any money, but then she also kind of tried to push our relationship to the next level on her own, by trying to involve her mum, in the whole thing, which really was a futile action on her part, cos i wasn’t in love with her, besides i equally knew that she has a boyfriend who was paying through his nose in order to sustain her, even though she never did admit it to me……

“i have told my mum about you and she said that your family is ok, and she really wants to speak with you” she had told me that monday morning, as she prepared to go back to her school, and all i did was to smile, cos i knew not what to say…….

I had barely returned from dropping her off at the “motor park” when angela barged into my room, few minutes later and i gasped at her in surprise, cos i never knew that she was entering owerri that day, “please dear i’m so sorry for coming without telling you, it’s just that i talked with him{the duped guy} on sunday and he insisted on seeing me this afternoon, but i don’t want to go alone, please help me” she said to me with a scared face, and i looked at her in confusion, cos i really couldn’t get myself entangled in what i knew nothing about…..

“how about your roomate, isn’t it better you go with her?” i asked, but she looked away, “have you forgotten that we are currently not in good terms, and the last thing she will do is to accompany me” she muttered, and i looked at her in silence, as i thought of a better solution……

“please come with me, i will forever be indepted to you, if you can render this help to me” she begged as she held my hand, and i swallowed hard as i gazed at her…….. And i saw her lips tremble as she shook probably in fear…..,.

“hmmmm but is her k.it.ty-cat worth it?” i questioned myself, but then deep down, i wasn’t thinking of her k.i.tty-cat but her welfare…..

But then, is she really worth the risk?? What should i do??…..

To be continued…….
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