“i know that you must be wondering why i came to see you?” i said to chris and he smiled for the first time, “i’m really surprised ooo dis one christy’s neighbour came to see me today” he said to me, and this time around i was the one who was surprised when i heard his words, “did christy tell you that i’m just a neighbour to her?” i asked him in surprise and he nodded, “yes nah thats what she told me, or are you not her neighbour?” he asked me and i smiled bitterly, “christy is my girlfriend and has been for months now” i calmly explained to him and he looked at me in disbelief, “i don’t believe you”, he said bluntly to me and i smiled as i watched him, “whether you believe me or not is not my concern but i came here to talk things over with you and to tell you to limit the way you visit her in my hostel, otherwise you won’t like what will happen to you if you continue to visit her” i seriously said to him, and he looked at me in surprise again and i knew that he must also be wondering what gave me the morale to enter his room and threaten him, “so you came all the way here just to threaten me?” he asked me and i smiled again to him, “i came not to threaten you but just to give you fair warning, mi friend” i said to him in a husky voice which took me much effort to do, and he stared at me for a while before saying, “my guy you just wasted your time coming here, whatever you think that you belong to, wouldn’t do me anything cos i will continue to visit christy” he answered me bravely and i gasped at him in shock the way wrestlers do when their opponent kicks out from their “kill switch”, but then my mind urged me further, and i reasoned to myself that he must be bluffing, “i’m a very quiet guy which you know, but don’t try me” i said to him in anger and stood up, while he looked on and said no words, “you be complete je’w man so dont let me face you” i threatened as if i wasn’t even a fellow je’w and he stared at me saying no words, “take care brother unless you want to face me at the other end” i said to him before i left, leaving him more stunned and surprised than he initially was…….. And he said no words as i left his room that noon…….

I smiled happily as i left, cos i really never knew that to confront a guy could be so easy, but then i knew that the killer punch i threw was the fraternity stunt which i later pulled, and seriously my happiness knew no bounds that moment, cos i havn’t confronted my age mate bravely before *talkless* of an older guy, but then was i really successful??………. Hmmmm, i really knew not, but then i had barely entered a tricycle which was heading towards my hostel area when my phone rang and it was christy…………

To be continued…….
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