“i said i’m sorry nah” i repeated again, after she had dressed up, and she climbed back on my bed, and sat across me with a smile on her face, “its ok” she said to me before kissing my lips again, and i stared at her in surprise, cos her behaviour that morning was very much unlike her, “i thought you wanted to tell me something earlier?” i asked her, but she just smiled at me and kissed my ear, “don’t worry it is not important” she whispered to me, and i held her face with my palms, and we stared at each other for a while, “i will miss you very very much” she said to me with a sad face, and i looked at her as i wondered what had come over her, “cos our holiday is just for a month and besides we can easily come to the hostel for a quickie if we want to” i had thought as i watched her, but i really never knew that she had already planned our break up for long, and that those moments were our last moment together…..

it is true that she mentioned something like that when i refused to have s-x with her that morning, But then i gave it no second thought, for i had thought that it was just one of her casual comments……

She cooked stew and soup that morning for me, and even brought all the remaining foodstuffs that she had, to my room, and we spent the remaining part of the morning and early afternoon, playing, kissing and joking, and she really made sure that i was happy that day……

finally around 2:30pm that fateful day, i saw her off to the road, where she entered a tricycle which took her to the ‘park’, “do take care of yourself and be strong in anything you do” she said to me, as she hugged me, and there was tears in her eyes, which i cleaned with my fingers, and my head swelled, cos in my mind i had thought that it was the love which she had been hiding from me, that was manifesting, “so this girl really love me self” i had said to myself that afternoon, “ok nah bye dear” she said before she entered the tricycle that i chartered for her, and i waved her bye, as i began immediately to plan for my own ‘travel’ for there wasn’t any need for me to stay in owerri any longer, and all through that day, christy’s tearful face played back in my head…….

But i never knew that she was crying for another reason, which was best known to her, and i never believed my eyes when i got her shocking text message when i finally travelled home for christmas, and when she refused to pick my phone calls, i knew that she really meant it, and that was when my fragile heart shattered to pieces, and i was left stranded in the pit of love, which really is not a place for anyone, and it really took me time to get myself, for no matter what christy did to me, i really loved her whole heartedly….

But it was my father who came to my rescue that period, when he bought my first car for me, and that was equally when a new chapter of my life opened…..

And i finally stepped into a new level…….

JANUARY 2010……

To be continued……..

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