two days later, frank’s junior cousin visited him from home, cos he was living at orji a small town few miles away from owerri main town with his parents that period…. Emmanuel is like three years younger than frank, but he was yet to gain admission into the university then, “but he really is a huge guy, that you won’t even suspect that he is a small boy”, but then i really do not like him, for he behaves like a tout, merely because “he joined one of these small street cults, which do enter into their head”, while frank merely tolerated him, because of what he would gain from him, cos their families aint that friendly to each other…..

and he was the one who paid the fastfood bill for the girls that day…….
And here is how it all happened….

On that wednesday afternoon, frank had invited me over to his hostel, and when i got to his room, i saw Emmanuel playing P.S game alone, “where is frank?” i asked him after we shook hands, “he dey for backyard” he said to me, and i went to the backyard, where i saw frank enjoying a stick of ‘cigar’, “bad guy, na here you dey” i said as we shook hands, and he brought out a new nokia ‘n series’ phone and showed me, “guy i don buy new phone oo” he said to me as i collected the phone from him and looked it over, “nnah mehn dis phone make sense and na simbian self, how much you buy am?” i asked him, “na my cousin sell me the phone oo, him talk say na 7k buh i gave him 6k” he explained to me and i nodded, “its good nah, you even cheat him self” i equally added and he smiled, “but guy na that same money i wan use take those gals out oo” he said to me and i looked at him in confusion…….

“guy its really not my mind, that i used in giving my cousin dat money, so i want to use another system to collect it from him, cos you know dat the boy too dey jonce” he said to me and i nodded, “you know he likes to flex too much, so i go sweet talk him, that we will be going out with some beautiful imsu girls this evening, and you know that it will scatter his head nah?” he asked me with a smile, and i burst into laughter, “are you really sure about this?” i asked him and he smiled, “just go and bring your car and leave the rest for me” he concluded with a smile……

And by 6:30pm that evening, frank, emmanuel and i, were already at the girls hostel, and we waited for them inside the car this time around, and it wasn’t long before they emerged, looking very stunning and gorgeous, which made emma to whimper, and i smiled within myself, for the silly boy was really more silly than i had thought, and off to ‘crunchies’ mbari-street we went, where ice creams were bought for the girls before we crossed the road and entered mbari kitchen, where we ate and drank till around 9pm, and frank in his cunning way ordered three bottles of gulder for his young cousin, who thought that beer will prove his manhood to the girls, but however before he was even through with the second bottle, which frank even mixed malt in, he started to misbehave, and i saw a satisfied smile on franks face before we got up to go, cos knowing my friend’s behaviour, he will lock up his young cousin inside his toilet to vomit, after searching him for the remaining change he may have left, for he was the one that paid for everything, with the hope of sleeping with angela…….

However, i dropped off frank, lizzy and emmanuel, in franks hostel, while i on my own part got the opportunity that i had always wanted, for angela{lizzy’s friend} followed me to my hostel that evening, cos we all couldn’t sleep in franks room that night, and moreover she followed me without hesitation because of the trust or likeness she had for me…..

While frank’s cousin was too drunk to notice……

And how did our night go, both in my own end and frank’s??……

Do stay tuned….
To be continued…

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