they stopped on their tracks when they saw that we weren’t alone, “wetin dey happen?” Dan asked, as he came by my side, and i smiled at him, ” nothing brother, it’s just that this old man here wants to create a scene” i said to him as i signalled angela to enter my car, which she immediately did….

“guy no be soooo, una no go just insult our chairman and get away like that ooo” one of the guys said, while jude{the guy angela had problem with} smiled, summoned courage, and advanced towards us, “so for your mind, you think that you go fit insult me for my own compound eeh” he shouted as he pointed and pushed his fingers on my chest, and i laughed haughtily, “enyia ga jiba onwe gi oo,{my friend go and hold yourself oo}” i said to him in a husky igbo tune, and he spat out, “i will slap out that your teeth now” he shouted as he raised his hand, but then, Dan caught his hand mid way and pushed him with full force, which sent him staggering backwards, while the two guys with him advanced towards us in fury, and Dan shouted one foul cult language, which belonged to a popular cult group, and which most owerri youths fear{pls i won’t mention it} as he reached for his small bag, which he hung on his shoulder, and the two guys drew backwards, when they heard the slang…..

“if not for one thing we for break una skull here oo” they warned us, even though it was very obvious that they had lost interest in the fight, but Dan still left his right hand inside the bag and looked at me, “guy go start your car make we comot here nah” he said to me, cos bystanders were already picking interest in what was happening and i rushed into my car, switched on the engine, and reversed……

“don’t worry you think that cultism will save you in this town, it is me and you for this owerri and you must run” Jude found his voice and threatened as i reversed my car, while Dan immediately joined me, and i drove off with full speed…….

“jeez Dan really deserve a bottle of beer oo” i said to myself as i drove back to my hostel, that evening and i was really surprised to find myself shaking as i drove, and angela too was very scared, for she never said a single word till we reached my hostel, and i really knew that a long night awaited me, “but then first thing first, i have to protect myself” i reasoned……

And when we got back to okwu uratta that evening, i asked Dan to call his friend charlie, who soon came, and we all went to a small joint in Aladinma were i gave them drinks, and we made a pact of friendship, cos i really needed them, and that was equally how i began to move around with them in most part of my 400level………

And how was angela’s mood later that night?? Hmmm, very grim, but i guess her story will be for another episode…..

To be continued….
Sorry for the earlier mix-up

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