we soon stopped at a residential building along the road, a two story building{filled with tenants}, “guy you go wait for us in the car while i go inside with her”, i explained to dan, who nodded in approval, and i handed him my car key, before alighting from my car with angela, who terribly looked scared, and it really made me to wonder how the guy will really look like, for her to be this scared of him……

We climbed the stairs and stopped at the right wing of the first floor, were angela knocked on a door, which was soon opened, and the interior of the sitting room was revealed, a well furnished apartment, designed with great taste, and i couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the sitting room, but then, as we entered the room, the guy who opened the door eyed us agressively, but i really didn’t notice it nor him, cos i was really captivated by the beauty of his sitting room, which seemed to have been recently furnished…….

“good evening Jude, meet the first son of my mum’s elder sister, he introduced me to him, but he looked me over and refused to shake me, while i faked a smile and looked him over as well…..

He is a very short man in his early thirties, fair in complexion, with an agressive feature, his height can really be compared with that of Rey mysterio the WWE wrestler, and he also looked like a proud guy to me, but then it is a very common characteristic, associated with short guys……..

“So i invited you to my place and you brought your cousin along, are you stupid?, are you crazy?, so upon everything that you did to me, you are still planning to do more by bringing this imbecile of a cousin here” he ranted and i swallowed hard, as i controlled my boiling temper, cos even though most short guys are very strong and agressive, he really wasn’t in my age bracket, and i knew that even though, i wasn’t strong enough to fight most of my mates, that i could easily take him, without much effort, but then, i still kept quiet cos i knew that i was trespassing……

“please calm down now, we came here to settle with you” angela said to him, as she desperately tried to appease him, but her effort landed her a powerful slap, which sent her backwards and i held her, while the guy looked at me furiously, “leave my house you criminal or i will call the police” he said to me as he brought out his phone, and i smiled bitterly, cos i really do not know why guys always bring out their phones to dial imaginary numbers, any time there is an argument…..

“i invited only angela, so leave my house now” he shouted at me again, as he dialed his imaginary numbers….

“mr man, do you know that you are very foolish, you have blown your last chance of settling this issue, and i’m going with my sister, i know everything about you now, and if anything should happen to angela, i will come for you with full squad, besides she never forced you to give her anything, and since you can’t produce any receipt, that means you never gave her anything, or if you feel that you are wise, go to the police and make a report so that we can settle it there, idiot” i said to him, before dragging angela with me as i left his room, which left him stunned, for he had initially looked down on me…….

But then before we could reach the gate in order to drive off, he came after us with two young neighbours, “do you think that you can threaten me in my own territory”, he shouted as they came after us, but we managed to get out of the gate before they could get to us, and i stopped and faced them, outside the gate while Dan also got out of the car as well and they stopped on their tracks…….

Kpoom kpoom kpoooom……

My heart pounded as we watched each other battle ready…….

To be continued……
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