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Diary of an imostar deleted scenes wednesday 5/12/2012


the first two weeks after we all returned back to our hostel that january went very smoothly, while my own pride grew as i made new friends, and many students including those who used to ignore me, all became friends with me, and i showed off my new car with any opportunity i got, cos it is one thing to drive around your parents car for a day or two at school, before returning it home, and another thing to own your personal car which you can park in the hostel for months, without returning it home, and that was also the period most girls started approaching me, under one pretence or another and i just became a star in their eyes, but still yet i never did rush into having any intimate fun, for i was very cautious in dealing with them, moreover i knew that they all are parasites, who were after one thing, and besides where were they last year?? I wondered,

but another reason, why i did not rush into them, was because i was carefully and slowly arranging my game plan, which i really prepared very very well, and which really paid off very well for me, making me heartless, devoid in feelings and emotions……

However no matter how i rapoured with friends, i still waited for christy to come and apologise to me, which she did not do, but inside, she went ahead to do something which really pained me, and left me hating her with passion…..

And what really was that??…….

The d--n girl instead of coming back to apologise to me, went ahead to ‘date’ another boy living in the same hostel with us, and before i knew what was happening, she had started sleeping with him, and that really destroyed my ego, and pride cos everyone still knew her as my girl, and i even felt like to kill her that moment, cos the shame could have been unbearable, if not that my status had upgraded and it looked as if i was the one that dumped her……

Supposing she had done it with an outsider, i wouldn’t have complained, but then doing it with a fellow hostel mate was really nauseating and disgusting, and i swore never to talk to her again, even though she had a place in my heart, even till now…

However, from that moment i began to see her like a w---e, for i knew that the new boy signed his death warrant immediately he began sleeping with her, cos her roomate even later told me, that she had told her, ” that she won’t repeat the mistake she made with me to any other person”, but what really was the mistake?? i knew not, but then, till i graduated from imsu, i noticed that the boy never bought more than two new shirts, even if he ever bought any, cos i had no proof,

but i still felt pain in my chest, any time i hear her room door open early in the morning, for it meant that she spent the night with him, and seriously friends, if you can withstand that kind of pain, i bet you can withstand anything………

To be continued………
Pls friends my update tomorrow, which is thursday will be a bit late, cos of CDS and a whole lot of other activities plsss…. Dont be angry,……buh serving our country always comes first… Lol

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