from that evening Ngozi’s atitude towards me changed for good, and i began enjoying her hospitality, which was mostly the free food that i got from her almost everyday, and another thing i also enjoyed in my affair with ngozi, was her innocent and open nature, which she had in abundance, but all these notwithstanding, i couldn’t deny my raging hormones the opportunity for more adventures, cos i equally found out very early in life that i was possessed by the “evil spirit of womanizing”, whether i inherited it, or was it a curse from someone who wished me bad, i knew not, cos even though i usually have the luck of having my way with girls, i equally knew that mine was out of hand, but then my problem was that i couldn’t control it, {some may call it addiction}, and since i couldn’t control myself, i followed my heart and took my adventures to the extreme, even to the extent that i became an enemy to most village boys, cos my story soon spread like wildfire and i was soon accused of “going after and snatching peoples girlfriends”…….

Hmmm and it was only my mum who never believed the rumours nor saw me as a spoilt boy, which i really was very grateful for, but however the rumours about me soon got into ngozi’s ear and we began having problems almost everyday, but still yet i managed and wrote my waec exam without any hitches, and my only prayer then, was “to secure an admission in imsu”, the university of my dream and a place where i will feel free to display my character and skills…….

But however a week after my waec exam, i was attacked by two rough boys all because of ella, a girl that i was even yet to befriend, “so guy you wan try us abi?” two guys had stopped and asked me on that fateful tuesday evening, on my way to a borehole to fetch water, and i looked at them in surprise, and in confusion, “ella or do you want to pretend now” one of them asked me with a dirty slap, and i held me jaw angrily, and weighed them in my mind, cos they both were bigger than i…..

And the girl in question, was just a girl whom my friend ogu was interested in, and i had talked to her few days ago in his behalf, cos he wasn’t fluent in speaking, especially when it concerns a girl, and maybe that was why they thought that i was the one after the girl because of my record……..

Kpai! Another slap landed on my face and i charged blindly at the boy who slapped me, but then it was the greatest mistake of my life, cos he side stepped and dodged me while the other guy kicked me very hard on my leg and i crashed to the ground, while two of them vetted the anger of all the village boys on me, as they redesigned my body, and i was very unlucky that day, cos they met me in a lonely bush path where no one will come to my rescue……

And i cried for my fellow boy over a girl that fateful evening, cos i was well rough handled, and as i picked up my battered body, i promised myself one thing, “which was to go after the girl in question and extract my own pound of flesh” and that was how i shoved my friend ogu aside and went after ella for myself…….

And she was the first girl that i also betrayed a friend for…..

To be continued…….
The holiday will soon be over and our friends will return for good once more & things will move back to normal….. AMEN….

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