my teenage love affair with Rita equally didn’t last for long just like my first girl, but then i learnt very much on time, to move from one girl to another without feeling anything, for i never did get myself deeply entangled emotionally with any girl, and i guess or maybe it’s all because i disvirgined early or maybe because i discovered the taste of many ladies very early in life and it got me immuned, from the feminine spell, or the hot web of being or falling in love with only one girl, but then it also saved me from the horrors of heartbreak cos i learnt to dump them on time, once i suspect foul play from any of them, but however i also have been equally hurt in numerous occassions, {though it was really a pride thing} and it never touched my heart, cos right from my teenage years, i learnt to keep as many reserves that i could get, cos what is the need of keeping or giving all your hope and trust in the care of one girl, when you already know within yourself that the chance of you both getting married is very slim, hmmm, think about it……

And then as a teenager in my locality, your respect and rank rose or grew with the number of girls or times you have slept with a girl, and in order to meet up or raise your head high, you really must do or perform the act where a friend will be your witness, even though the girl won’t know, and believe me many of my classmates ended up dropping out of school, as they got their girlfriends pregnant one after the other, but then i was really lucky to escape without a mess…….

And Rita herself confirmed my abilities that period, for we did it inside the bush, abandoned classrooms, at home on sundays{when my parents had gone to church} and at my friends room, and it really was wonderful, even though i knew only of one style then, which some people call “the missionary” but however when i almost got into trouble was when i tried to befriend Rita’s cousin, and i got my first confrontation with village girls which really wasn’t pleasant, coupled with the insults i received and gossips that spread, but then i cared not, for i equally learnt very early in life not to mind the obstacles which stood on the part of my goal, and that also is one thing that val is yet to learn, cos according to him “he hates insults”, but then in a woman’s world an insult is like an air, and you must breathe or take it, as long as you are into their business……

Sorry guys for derailing, lets go back to Rita and her cousin…….

To be continued……
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