“tufiakwa nnegi there”{it’s your mother that you are cursing} chika fired back at them angrily, but they just ignored her and faced me, “so upon everything that we shared together, you have the mind to come after my cousin?” rita asked me angrily, as she held my bicycle and i looked at her and feigned anger, “i havn’t told ezinne anything bad and none of you know the reason why i’m looking for her, but since you have concluded with them no wahala” i said to her, before mounting my bicycle and riding away, while they watched me in silence, but then trust girls, my story and gossips about me immediately spread like wild fire, that any girl whom i approached that month, tend to ask me about Rita and ezinne first, before answering any of my questions, thereby rendering my motives useless, but however i still managed to bleep ezinne later, for she finally accepted me after her initial pretence and behaviour……..

“why did you tell rita about us” i asked her a week after they confronted me, one monday morning, when i blocked her path as she was going to school, “i didn’t tell rita anything, it’s just that they saw me going to meet you and they all followed me” she explained, while my eyes rested on her small bosoms which her white school shirt covered, and seriously ezinne is a beautiful damsel, “nne lets forget that one sha, but i really like you, and i’m very serious about it” i said to her, “i don’t like this at all please stop, i’m late for school” she replied me, “ok please just take this #200 and buy ice cream in school maybe later we will talk okay” i said to her and her eyes lit up in surprise, “is this how you give every girl you see money?” she asked me and i smiled at her, “i’m still a student and you know that i don’t have any money, but still, i will be very glad to spend my last dime on you cos you deserve it” i said innocently to her, and her head swelled up with the flattery which i fed her, and she took the money from me happily, and that was how she equally became me girlfriend under her cousin’s nose, and it wasn’t long before i tasted her honey pot, and it was on a rainy wednesday morning……

Hmmmm and the memory of that day is still fresh in my mind, because we fought and dragged for almost an hour, before i was able to take off her shirt, and it wasn’t easy that day, for she immediately began to cry, when i pulled off her shirt “please leave me alone, this is not right, we are committing a sin, i might get pregnant, somebody will catch us, i’m a virgin” she ranted on and on, and i knew not where to start from in calming her down, and seriously making love with a fellow “teenage” mate, most times isn’t really fun, cos you will lose the whole fun and feelings, when she starts to have double mind about the whole thing…….

And as i was about to un hook her small bra, she looked up at me with tears, “hope you know that i missed school today because of you” she asked me as she held my hand strongly, while my heart pounded like a school band……..

To be continued…..
D next episode is hidden, do log in to read pls..

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