Life is all about fate, luck, destiny and risk, and everyone of us on earth, is really blessed with one gift or another, but then, where the problem lay, is having the mind or ability to harness your gift to the fullest, and yes do not neglect your gift no matter how small or irrelevant it may be……..

I’m a guy who was born in a low class family, even though some may not agree, especially val, but then since my parents could not afford all my teenage and even childhood dreams, what level or group, do my family fall in then??……..

Growing up in my locality equally wasn’t easy, and i really had a whole lot of challanges, especially in the display of strength, farm work, fighting among peers, going after girls and most importantly smoking weed…..

And woe betides any boy in those days from my locality, who isn’t good in any of these social vices, hmmm, i really do not need to go into details since most of us must have in one way or the other witnessed such life in their early days……

Yea and that was how i learnt and began smoking as a teenager, learnt to fight and challange my seniors, and even learnt to go after girls, and i wasted no time in getting disvirgined, as i disvirgined myself and a girl at the same time at the age of sixteen, { the girl is val’s cousin} read season2……

But then it really wasn’t a ‘relationship thing’, but just what i did under peer pressure, and when my dad later found out, everything ended between the girl and i…….

But then it was already late, cos my love for ladies, and my passion for s-x has already risen, and i equally discovered a talent in me, which is the ability to gain a girls confidence and love, which i really utilized and am still utilizing, hmmmm, and it isn’t because of money, cos i have none, but just destiny, cos i’m really blessed with a wonderful mouth, in which i utilize in working wonders, and who really was the next girl in my life after i got disvirgined??…..

Rita, yes Rita an ss3 student who was my classmate back in those days, and she really is very attractive back then with a nice shape and curves, and seriously i never did approach her, but before we knew what was happening we had already began ‘doing student love’ or ‘teenage love affair’ according to Alicia keys…….

And she really was the first girl that i bleeped comfortably well…..

But then lets all go back to the starting point, and please do get your note pads ready for the list of girls i did something with, is very long, and believe it or not, it is nothing but the truth because i do not discriminate, ‘like val who likes to choose’, moreover according to the law of nature, “the honey-pot of all sane girls are the same, even though some may be more appealing than others”…….

To be continued………

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