i finally lured ella to my family house, one sunday evening two after we ran away from her village, and the moment she stepped foot into my home, i knew that i had gotten her…….

Hmmmm, it really wasn’t easy convincing her to visit me, cos she thought that “i was playing with her” and it really took a whole lot of risk, determination, my time and money in convincing her, and so when she finally came that sunday, i knew that i needed to wrap things up very fast, even though it was her first time of visting me……

My parents had gone for a meeting that evening and i knew that they will be returning late and nothing to worry about, however ndidi did see us when i was entering our compound with her and only just shook her head and looked the other way……..

After the usual pleasantries, we became quiet and stared at each other while she drank the coke that i bought for her, and my heart began pounding very fast as i planned on my next move, cos it still wasn’t very easy for me that period, to bleep a girl in her first visit to my house…..

I summoned courage and touched her shoulder, then slowly caressed her neck region down to her spine, and she looked at me and said no word, which really surprised and gave me more courage, as i moved my hand down to her b.osoms, care.ssing, and sque.ezing them, which slowly ignited the flame of passion in us, and she finally threw herself on me, which really delighted me, as i pulled off her top and bra, before resting my mouth hungrily on her ripe fresh b.oso.ms, while she moaned quietly…….

But as i made to put my hand into her pot of honey, from underneath her open skirt, she immediately grabbed my hand strongly…..

“no please don’t do that” she said to me, while i smiled and tried to force my hand inside, cos i thought that she was merely playing hard to get……

“i’m in my period ooo” she warned me, and i stared at her angrily, as i withdrew my hand very fast as if a python was in there, equally cursing her in my heart……

D--n i could have shoved my hand inside a pot of flowing bad blood, whaaaat Gawd forbid!…..

And from that day i stopped plunging my hand into any pot without first examining it…….

To be continued……
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