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Diary of an imostar *frank’s story* monday 31/12/2012


“how and where did you get it from?” she asked me with disgust, and i stared at her unhappily cos her behaviour weakened my morale and i knew not what to do or what to reply her, “won’t you answer me?” she asked me with a look of disgust still very well written on her face, while i just held the rubber with the tip of my left fingers, as if i was holding a dead rat, “i’m leaving since you don’t want to talk” she said and got up while i pulled her down with my right hand and she looked at me furiously, “don’t try that again” she warned me angrily, “i bought them in a drug store at Amaraku yesterday” i said to her, and she shook her head and folded her hands, “i don’t think that you are more than eighteen and yet you already know how to buy condoms, tufiakwa and i know that it is not your first time and bia self so you went and bought condo.m because of me?” she said or asked me and all i did was to curse her in my mind, cos she really was playing with my patience, “i’m sorry nah, please forgive and forget” i calmly apologised and she kept quiet and stared at me in a way which made me very uncomfortable, “i thought that you are a mass server{altar boy}?” she asked me, while i sighed and stood up and she held and drew me back to my surprise, “i’m asking you all these because i care about you, moreover you are the only son and i want the best for you, because i can’t hide my feelings any longer” she said to me with a coloured face, and my heart leaped in joy when i heard those words and there were tears in her eyes when she stood up and faced me, “promise me that you will turn a new leaf and concentrate more in your studies” she said to me as if she was my mother, and i swallowed hard and gazed at her with a pounding heart, but then i couldn’t reply her cos i lost my voice that moment, and she held my hand strongly, “i’m sorry about my earlier outburst, but the truth is that i freaked out because i’m a virgin” she explained to me and i felt touched, cos her face was filled with love, care and passion, and my conscience got hold of me cos she was barely seventeen years old and knew not much of the deciet which lies in the heart of men, and before i could even get myself to talk, she drew down my face and our lips met again and in my heart i knew that she was deeply in love with me and equally willing to hand over her young heart to me…….

To be continued……

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8 thoughts on “Diary of an imostar *frank’s story* monday 31/12/2012

  • Brightstar22

    in my heart i
    knew that she was deeply in love with me and equally
    willing to hand over her young heart to me……
    Lolzzz…. I pity her oooo… Little did she know she was about handing a dried fish over to a cat… Hmmmmm..
    But girls and pretense ehn, choooiii… No wonder Gordons said ””in every no a woman says to you, there is a yes””

  • SailorXY

    hmmm na so u dey shatter innocent girls p---y and heart together. na wa ooo


    I pity her cos she’s in for a raw deal.Oh what naivity!

  • Dabrake

    nawah oh. so kpekusing for that day don terminate be that

  • Blachberrydude

    shaking my head. @brightstar u dey dull me.

  • Ijebaby

    Lol @ dead rat, Frank no go kee pesin! Eeyaaa I felt bad for him when he apologised, as if its a crime to own a condom.

    But Frank be altar boy? That Priest sef na wa o! Hehehe!

  • Damex333

    Frank? altar boy!? Wonders shall neva end, but d gal sef fit pretend o,so upon all dose rejecting she still dey feel 4 frank,well good/pity 4 her. Make she pick 1

  • kaxmytex

    Lovy dovy

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