“i’m sorry but please lets not get carried away again” she said to me as she composed herself, while i smiled cos i knew that i had turned on a very sensitive part of her body, and i equally knew that she will find it hard to resist me again, cos i knew that she also enjoyed everything that happened…….

“why are you staring at me nah?” she asked me minutes later, when she discovered that i was still looking at her, “seriously ngozi i know that you will hate me for this, but i can’t help but tell you that i’m very much in love with you” i said seriously to her and she blushed, “please you are making me uncomfortable” she said to me, and i smiled with understanding, “i’m so sorry, let me go to my room, we will continue tomorrow” i said to her and stood up while she followed me with her eyes and when i got to the exit door i heard her say, “frank i’m not uncomfortable any longer you can stay back” but i shook my head and left, “don’t bother nne” i said to her……

As i was polishing my school sandals 25 minutes later, i heard a knock on my door and when the person knocking entered, it was no other person but ngozi and i looked up at her happily, cos it was the first time that she was entering my room since i parked into their compound weeks ago, and she came and sat by my side on the bed, and i just felt as if i had won a lottery, “why are you not saying anything?” she asked me minutes later and i looked at her and smiled, “seriously i’m so short of words” i said to her before hugging her tightly and she equally hugged me, “i have always dreamt of this day” i said happily to her and she broke free from me, and stared at me, “but seriously i’m still confused” she said to me while i smiled, and kissed her for the first time, even though it was a bad kiss, cos i was yet to learn how to kiss well…..

However she responded to my kiss the best way that she could, and i grabbed her two bosoms and caressed them again and again while she lay down on my bed and moaned away, and my heart pounded faster as i pulled up her skirt, pulled off her underwear, opened the zip of my knicker and reached under my small ‘foam’ to get a rubber which i successfully did, but as i was about to open it she screamed, “jesus! So you already have this in your room, God forbid” she said angrily and sat up in disgust while i stared at her stunned and confused, cos i knew not what to tell her, or how to calm her, cos back in those days, possessing a rubber is viewed to be morally bad, {by most village people}, especially if it was seen in the hands of a young boy……..

To be continued……

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