“please stop looking at me like that” she said to me, before bursting into tears again, and i gasped at her in surprise cos i wasn’t expecting her to cry again, “nne is okay, stop crying, i’m not a virgin either, so i don’t think there is any big deal in being a virgin” i said calmly to her as i held her, and she looked at me and cleaned her eyes, “it’s just only once that i did it, and it really was a big mistake” she tried to explain, but i pressed a finger on her lips instantly, “don’t worry it’s okay” i said to her…….

Rita and ezinne were only my strong girlfriends that period, and i dated them until i finished my secondary school in 2004, and my life till that moment was really uneventful, cos it was all about school, football, smoking, playing hide and seek with ezinne and rita, and equally “tapping of current here and there from female classmates or friends”, until when my waec and neco results came out and my results showed that i failed woefully……..

2005 i took jamb for the first time and also registered for a new waec in another secondary school close to amaraku as an external candidate, and that was equally the first time that i was allowed to live on my own, and ‘jeez’ i felt on top of the world that period, cos i had gotten the needed opportunity to take my “bleeping census” to the next level, and i added three more girls to my list that period, which included my landlord’s daughter ngozi, and two other school mates oma and ella……..

And that was equally the period that i learnt how to “rap and sweet talk” very well, which really was of immense benefit to me and which i successfully used in charming young secondary school girls, as i also made the dictionary my best friend, and that was also when i learnt to go after as many girls as possible, because i knew that in the end, only one or two will agree, but however i only succeeded in getting the hearts { of the three girls that i earlier mentioned} while the rest only wanted to “chop me” and so i took them as mere friends……

But then, the most funny part of it all, was how i bleeped ngozi under the very nose of my landlady who was very strict and known for her harsh and wicked behaviour to students, cos she was equally the vice principal of the school that i registered for my second waec……

Hmmmm, but then ngozi was worth the risk because of her beauty, intelligence, and nice behaviour, coupled with the free food which i got because of our relationship…….

Hmmmm, ngozi who knows whether she is now married…….

“baby i’ll like us to run things together” was the very word i said to her that fateful friday evening when i approached her, in my usual way for the first time, and she merely looked at me for a while, shaked her head and walked away, and truthfully this happened just five days after i packed into their compound…..

To be continued……
Pls do not sigh cos my main adventures started after i entered imsu……

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