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Diary of an imostar *frank’s story* saturday 29/12/2012


“baby i know and i promise that you won’t regret it” i said to her calmly, but she shook her head, “i’m already regretting it” she replied me and i swallowed hard, before kissing her on the lips, which kept her quiet for a while, even though she still struggled to free her mouth and i grabbed and squeezed her left b---m with that same opportunity which made her to let out a moan, “no time for dulling” i said to myself as i reached down into her skirt, and pulled out her underwear, raised up her skirt and tried to plunge in with my stick which was already out of my knicker through the zip area, even though it wasn’t fully heated up, “why are you so serious about doing this nah?” she asked me at that split moment, as she equally stopped me by sitting up, and i bit my lips and sweated, cos i knew that i do not have all day to play hide and seek with her, and i equally knew in my mind that she wanted it like i do, “even though she was proving head-strong”, “ezinne why are you behaving like a small girl, i thought you once told me that you love me, but it’s ok since you are having double mind no problem” i said to her and zipped up my knicker, while she looked intently at my face as if she was searching for something, “but frank tell me the truth did you do this with rita?” she asked me, and this time around i was the one who looked intently at her in surprise, before breathing deeply, “no i havn’t” i answered her, and she smiled in a funny way, “i do not believe you” she said to me and i touched my tongue with my second right finger and raised it up, “i swear i havn’t” i said to her……

“ok just promise me that you will enter and come out immediately” she said to me and i promised her happily, pulled down my knicker, wore a rubber and plunged in after searching blindly for the location of her pot with my hand cos she refused to take off her skirt, but only drew it up for me…….

Chia! the feeling was great when i entered, and the hotness of her body charged me up, while my stick over charged in excitement, and i only did three to four strokes before pouring out which i knew not why, but then i saw no blood, neither did she scream out like virgins do, and even though she was very tight and hot, i realised that moment, that she wasn’t a virgin…….

And i looked at her for an explanation as if she owed me one, while she hid her face with her palms in shame…….

To be continued……

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19 thoughts on “Diary of an imostar *frank’s story* saturday 29/12/2012

  • Lammyjoe

    First to comments:Hmmmmm…kai see lie….virgin don becum unvirgin…woman shaa

  • Petokey

    Na u sabi

  • Kenny


  • Damex333

    Virgin was disvirgined by e unknown force.

  • Izuone

    Why is she covering her face?

  • Izuone

    Why is she covering her face?.


    Hmm,girls and pretence…

  • tutusaint

    virgin ko

  • tutusaint

    virgin nee

  • tutusaint

    frank i hope u bleep a wela.
    one good bleep derserves another

  • tutusaint

    val, any update on crime story?


      I’m sorry bro, i will soon continue with the story, cos we really need to discover the actual truth behind flora’s death, cos something is wrong somewhere….

  • Blachberrydude

    no comment jor

  • Brightstar22

    Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe… ROTFLMAO
    Can’t stop laughing @just promise me that you will enter and come out
    immediately” she said to me and i promised her
    happily… Lol… Shey she think say na house frank wan enter ni, she dan forget say na HONEY POT? Is there anyway man go enter dat place den come out immediately without getting what he is looking for??? Hmm I doubt o…. Until some milk come out from one hole in one place, it can never come of a honeypot

  • kaxmytex

    Dis 1 na confirm virgin

  • Blachberrydude

    it can never come of a honeypot. Hmmmmmm cant stop laughing at this statement@brightstar22

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