the look on ogu’s face that evening was really murderous, and i have never seen him in such mood before, cos he is a very quiet guy, even though he do behave foolishly atimes……

Kpom! A punch landed perfectly on my face, sending me backwards, and i held my jaw and bent down as if the pain was unbearable, while i spat out blood, cos the super punch really broke a corner of my lips…….

“guy stand up and defend yourself like a man nah” ogu shouted as he waited for me to face him again….

“bia are you guys playing or fighting?” i heard someone ask, and when i raised up my face i was happy to see ‘king nero’ standing by the corner of the road and i thanked my creator….

King nero is an old man who is very jovial and friendly, especially to young boys in the community, which earned him the nick name “king nero or eze umuokorobia{king of young boys}……

he advanced towards us with a smile, while ogu watched him with a drawn face,
“bia we have field in our primary school where a big space for a fight is available, why are you guys wasting your energy here?” he asked us in igbo language, as he stood between ogu and i,….

“abeg king nero shift a bit let me teach this boy a lesson” ogu said to him, but he stood his ground and shook his head, “if you guys are not ready to fight in the field, where i will buy a bottle of palm wine for the winner, then there is no fight” he said to us, which made ogu to give him an askance look before departing angrily, “any where you see me just run for your life” he warned me as he left angrily….

“i don’t have anything to say than for you to be careful because anything that is sweet also do kill” king nero advised me, as if he knew the cause of the fight, before going his own way that evening…….

And the following week i had no choice, than to travel to onitsha, cos i wasn’t comfortable staying in the same village with my friend whom i betrayed over a girl, and he equally didn’t help matters, by spreading the news to all the village youths, and so i had to travel, cos when a fowl pollutes the air, the ground becomes its enemy, and i stayed in onitsha till the end of the year, when i finally returned for my pre-degree cos i also failed to secure an admission in imsu that same year……

To be continued……

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