ngozi is a girl who was raised or trained to believe that she is better than everyone, and that really made her to look down on people, especially those who are not academically brilliant like her, and that was what i discovered in my bid to get her, cos after she walked out on me that friday evening, i tried desperately to gain her audience on many occasions, but i didn’t succeed, cos it all ended up by her walking out on me, without even giving me any chance to “sweet talk” her……

“‘Jeez’ but how can i be in the same compound with this beautiful damsel and yet fail to gain her attention” i often wondered, and it even got to a stage when my frustration began to make me hate her, and i decided to suspend going after her for the mean time, in order to calm my nerves, and so i went after oma, who was a better substitute, “cos i may end up wasting all my opportunities for nothing, all because of ngozi” i cautioned myself, cos i have not been able to make any getway or achievement in her part, even after two weeks and so i had no choice but to abandon her project, as i went over to oma who was very willing and very much known for her indecent behaviour……

And all it cost me was #30 egg, #30 indomie and #30 ice cream in getting oma to have s-x with me, just three days after i first approached her, and we did the act on a wednesday morning, when other students were at school preparing for exams……..

Hmmm, and i really took my time that day, in bleeping oma with my small stick which really was more than enough for her, and she recieved me without even moaning or crying, but just a little “mmmmh @intervals”, as i ravaged her hairy pot the best way i could, and finally i got myself back after the act, cos you really cannot believe that i had already known and even began feeling the effects of “uncle konjinus” at such an early age…..

And so oma was really the girl who helped calm down my sexual hunger, while i tried once more to get ngozi, cos i now saw her as a very big challange which i needed to pass just like my waec, and i had no choice but to change my strategy, with a new method {which val always do make use of}, and which was to gain her confidence first, even though i do not like the method cos it is time consuming, and requires more effort…..

but booooom it worked on ngozi like magic……

To be continued…..
d next episode is hidden, pls do log in to read..

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