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Diary of an imostar *franks story* sunday 6/01/2013


my stay in onitsha was very uneventful, cos my uncle owns a paint factory, and so when i got to onitsha, i immediately became one of his workers, and i really had no chance for any other thing, cos most of my time was spent in the factory, apart from sunday’s……

So i was happy to return home that christmas, in preparation for my pre-degree course in imsu, the university i have heard so much about and the institution of my dream……

Finally on january 2006, i started my pre degree lectures, and i was so happy to be part of imsu, and for the first time i stepped into the world on my own, and the whole scenery overwhelmed me, because i stepped into a place with a different, culture, behaviour and law……

However before i got my own accomodation, i first lived with an uncle at orji{whose son val described in deleted scenes that i made drunk} and i went to school every morning from his house……

However In 2006 imsu was still a very hot and deadly school, that you could be shot or robbed anyhow on a busy school road, and it really wasn’t easy then, especially to jambites and us, cos once you are strolling from works layout to imsu junction, you will hear all sorts of “tsssssss, or boy how far” and once you turn around to look at the caller, hmmm you will see an unknown face beckoning you to come, and you must answer him or them and get robbed or else they will target and come after you, so the best thing then was just to ignore any unknown “tssssss or how far you hear” by not turning to look…….

Works layout and imsu junction, is a very busy part of imsu area, and yet robbery still went on like that in broad daylight that period, so how then was students living in bishop’s court, imsu back gate and okwu uratta faring?? Hmmmm it must have been terrible for the “jewish ones” cos i knew not……

However from 2007 till now alot has changed in imsu in terms of security, so the new students of the school knew not what we suffered then……

It was also during my pre degree course, that i met the grand master and minister of woman affairs Emeka, a guy who has his own crude way of dealing with women and their problems, i say that i do not discriminate but emeka really surpasses me in that aspect, cos he added married women to his list……

Emeka a guy who has his own crude chemist and doctor, and as we all know, birds of the same feather do flock together, and so we immediately formed a bond, and i moved in to live with him, where he opened my eyes to the main world…..

To be continued……….


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      Jst log in with Albert as your username and password and change the password once you log in…..

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    frank don meet who pass am

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    grand master and minister of women afair hmm i like tht name. Cant wait for the next episode

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      I have sent you a mail…..

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    So frank became ruthless player under d tutelage of Emeka.that means dat Emeka was something else.

  • tutusaint

    so Emeka was franks mentor

  • tutusaint

    val, can we get Emeka’s story ?

  • tutusaint

    emeka’ story go make sence die

  • Ijebaby

    Una too like tory, hahaha

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    Ije dnt mind them.

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    So even frank was mentored

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