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Diary of an imostar *frank’s story* sunday 6/01/2013


I learnt a whole lot of things from Emeka who taught me the basic chemistry, physics, biology, laws of attraction, and basic rules of womanizing, ‘jeez’ Emeka is really talented and my respect for him up till today is still very high, a guy who believes that intimacy is the first food of nature, and that every guy has the right for daily s-x, how you get the it and where you do it, dosen’t really matter, as long as it is between you and your opposite……

Hmmmm, however he is very much older than i and equally more exposed than i… Meeting him really showed me that i knew nothing, and seriously supposing too much of it kills, he would have been dead long ago……

Not only did he teach me the rules of the game, he also thought me how to patronize love peddlers, which really was among the major adventures i had undertaken in my life……

But seriously i never did take him as my mentor, but as a senior, cos i already had counted my own census on village girls before meeting him, but ‘jeez’ Emeka is really something else and his deep love for raw intimacy, is the one that often intrigues me…..

And seriously friends, “his most serious girlfriend” then, really had series of terminations for him, and i called it series because it wasn’t once, neither was it twice nor thrice…. Hmmm at least val saw the girl and equally is a witness……

Living with him really changed my lifestyle, from a small smoker to a chain smoker, from a petty playboy to a big time play boy, from a novice to a strong kegite member and a good customer to love peddlers, who we patronized for fun and not because we were lacking girls……

Hmmm, looking back to my early days in the university, i couldn’t help but shake my head, cos i finally secured admission at the end of my pre-degree programme by luck and God’s grace and not because i passed, but Emeka wasn’t so lucky……

And here is the story of how it all happened…..

To be continued…..
Frank’s life on campus episode1……. Starts tomorrow morning….. Pls you will need to log in to read….

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26 thoughts on “Diary of an imostar *frank’s story* sunday 6/01/2013

  • Tunex

    Hmmmm, letz d real show begins.

  • SailorXY

    terrible “friend”


    Oga madas please check your email for ur password cos u jumped many episodes or log in with the usual format… You hv been registered..

  • Brightstar22

    Chaiiiiiiiiiiii… That Emeka gf go fit born pikin again so??? U sure say she never scrape all the pikins wey God carry give am finish??? It is wa ooooooo

  • Ijebaby

    Ehen, this is what I have been waiting for!


    Bring it on,cant wait for d campud tales.

  • Sunebanty

    Val weldone,i thought u once said u’ll be updating every hour bt this is still twice a day.


      Yea bros i really want to post more than twice, buh its just that i havn’t been able to squeeze out time….

  • Michael

    nice one


    Oga micheal i hv registered you with mikoa, should i change it?

  • Blachberrydude

    hmmmmmmmmmm, birds of the same feather flock together

  • Dee

    Please register me


      Oga dee just log with the usual format you have been registered… Use your username as password…

  • Izuone

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  • Yemmytee

    Bad boi

  • Jess

    Subscribing…str8 ahead

  • Betty

    Can’t wait for more episodes

  • Pete

    Hey Val, been tryin to register since, but d stuff just keeps takin me to d log in page

  • agbgift

    Na wa o, na small small person dey clap enter dance na be dis so.

  • King


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