two days later, my cousin ndidi came to see me at home, she is my agemate, and sussy’s elder sister{read season1}…

“hmmm, this one you remember me today, hope i’m safe?” i asked her and she laughed,
“nawa for you ooo, abeg relax jor and pass me that pawpaw make i cut small” she said as she sat on a plastic chair beside me on the veranda, and i passed her the small pawpaw that i was eating with a knife as well, which she took from me with a smile….

“hope you know that ella is my friend?” she asked me, and i looked at her with surprise, “which ella?” i asked,
“abeg stop pretending naw, have you forgotten the ella you went to see on monday?” she asked me, and i smiled happily, “what did she tell you?” i asked her anxiously with a beating heart, moreover i was also happy to learn that she is ella’s friend cos truthfully i really didn’t know till that day…..

“she told me everything, especially how you have been pestering her for friendship” she said to me and i nodded eagerly, “but bros i’m very much disappointed in your behaviour, and i can’t bear it any longer, you were raised and brought up in a christain way, but just see how your character has changed, everybody now knows that you are a woman freak, even little children now gossip about you, but what pains me the most is that you don’t care about it at all, and very soon you will start going after sisters from the same mother. My brother your behaviour is not good abeg change cos this world is somehow and you don’t know tomorrow” she preached to me while my mood changed, as i grew angry, cos there is nothing i hate more, than a fellow mate advising me because of a girl, *talkless* of a mere girl that i know her boyfriend……

“bro i’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a girlfriend, but i think that one is enough for you please” she said to me and i bit my lips angrily…..

“have you finished?” i asked her with anger and she shifted a bit and stared at me,

“please don’t ever try to lecture me like that again, after all you are no better, even chike your boyfriend is like that or even worst, if not why is he broadcasting that he has bleeped you twice” i said to her angrily, while she froze in horror and i saw confusion and disbelief in her eyes as well, which made me to curse under my breath, cos i knew that i have over stepped my boundary……..

She rose up with tears in her eyes and left me without a word, and i knew that moment that i had hurt a sister who wished well for me and also ruined her relationship…….

To be continued…..
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