“please be quick nah” she said to me again, and i held her left hand strongly, “nne i came here for a confession” i said to her, and she looked up at me, more confused than ever, “what do you mean cos i don’t understand” she asked me and i looked intently at her, “i think i’m in love with you” i said to her with a pounding heart and she gasped at me for a while before clapping both hands, with a mockery laugh, “heiieey what do you take me for? Yesterday you were talking on behalf of ogu, today for yourself, what of tomorrow, who should i expect?” she asked me before throwing a glance at my friend, “please nne it’s not what you think” i said to her, but she shook her head and forced her hand out of my grasp, “i’m not that kind of girl bye” she said as she took a step to leave but i grabbed her by the waist, without minding that we were on a road path, and she struggled to free herself, “leave me alone ooo” she screamed while i covered her mouth with my right palm and pleaded with her, “please just listen to me” i pleaded, “what do you want me to hear, do you think that i do not know your girlfriend ngozi” she asked me, as she struggled to free herself while my heart jumped when i heard her last comment, cos she didn’t attend the same secondary with ngozi, neither is she from her village, but then that is one major disadvantage about having a village girlfriend back then, cos most girls do know each other, even if they weren’t from the same village nor attend the same school……

“bia kedu ife n’eme ebea? {what is happening here?}” i heard a woman ask us from behind, which shocked us, cos we didn’t see her on time, mainly because of our argument, and when we turned and faced her, ella gasped, “ökwa nne mù oo!{it’s my mother ooo!}” she exclaimed and fled while her mum shouted on top of her voice “arù oo óbukwa ndi ntòró mmadu oo{abomination its kidnapper’s oo} she screamed louder and louder{in order for people to come and catch us} while the surrounding trees echoed her voice, and i needed no one to tell me that moment to run for my life, and i ran towards my friend who kicked his bike which swung to life immediately and we zoomed off…….

“hahahahahahaha” my friend laughed at me as he drove, while i shook my head with pity, cos he was just laughing at his own foolishness and downfall……

To be continued…….

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