i broke the kiss and stared at her for a while, as i battled with my conscience, cos even though i was very much attracted to her, i really do not love her, but instead i saw her as a challange which needed to be conquered, but then her beauty was equally irresistable and her charms drew me like magic, and my heart surrendered when she touched my chest, “what is the problem?” she asked me and i just smiled, “nne it’s really nothing, but just that i’m extremely happy” i said to her and she laughed, as i grabbed her waist and together we landed on my small foam, kissing and caressing each other even though i was the one who did the major part of the ‘r.omancing’ cos she knew not how to do it, and it equally looked like it was truly her first time of doing it……

And finally we lay together half unclad and ready for s-x once again, and this time around she said no word when i wore a ru.bber for p.rotection, raised up her skirt a bit and pl.unged in slowly into her p.ot, and all she did was just to scream, cry and pray, while her fingers did their work by piercing my skin, for she buried them on me when i pe.netrated her, but then i already wasn’t a novice in the act, cos she was the second girl i deflow.ered at such an early age in my life and believe it or not, i do see it as a trophy any time i de.flower a girl up till this day……..

And i didn’t find it difficult to br.eak open the door to her treas.ure island that evening, while she winced in pain and blo.od poured out as an evidence that she was a true virgin……..

Hmmmm, “hope i did the right thing and hope you won’t disappoint me?” she asked me innocently after the act, with a youthful expression, filled with love, fear, and hope, while i stared at her with a smile of satisfaction clearly written over my face, even though i was a little bit scared, but why was i scared? I knew not….

but then our conscience is the first judge of all our actions here on earth……

To be continued……

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