i finally returned home that sunday evening, with a heavy heart, cos ngozi’s behaviour that sunday, really had an effect on me, “don’t worry dear i won’t misbehave at home” i had promised her that evening, when i was finally ready to go, even though i never meant my word, and she smiled happily “thanks alot dear, i’m so happy” she said and hugged me tightly…….

“you know that some of my things are still here, since my rent havn’t yet expired, so don’t worry we will still see each other in few days time” i said to her and she nodded happily “yes dear i know” she replied me……

“ngozi!!!” her mum soon shouted her name from the kitchen and she left me, “ok dear bye” was her last words to me that very day, before i left…….

Ogu my dear friend was already at my family house that evening waiting for me to return, cos we really had an unfinished business, concerning ella, but little did he know that i already have my own plans concerning her and because of it i equally didn’t tell him about the beating that i got on his behalf……

Monday morning, he brought his bike and we set off for ella’s village, where we waited under a mango tree for almost an hour before she showed up…….

“good morning” ella greeted us with a forced smile, while i held her right hand and we walked some distance away from my friend, who waited happily for us under the mango tree, without knowing that i was about to sell him……

We soon stopped under a pear tree and i smiled at her as i prepared myself for a speech which i knew will confuse or shock her…….

“please be fast, people will soon see us and start gossiping” she said to me and looked away, while my heart pounded furiously as i summoned the courage to talk, cos no matter how it may sound, to betray a friend isn’t an easy thing……

To be continued…….
Pls i’m so sorry for the short n late episode… {Family wahala pls oo}….

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